Bills Would Take Away Local Control on New Housing

Photo of single-family subdivision (stock photo).
(stock photo)

The state house has a committee meeting on Tuesday, February 28, to discuss house bills 514 and 517. The bills would take away local control on new housing. Specifically, they prohibit local governments from regulating home design elements and limit the use of moratoriums.

In House Bill 517, counties and cities could not regulate home exteriors nor require homes be larger than 1,200 square feet. Where public water and sewer service is available, a one half-acre lot would be the maximum lot size.

In HB 514, counties and cities would be limited to moratoriums no more than six months in length. They could not extend or reissue the same moratorium for one year.

The bills have the support of the Home Builders Association of Georgia. “We’re dedicated to creating, promoting, and protecting a successful environment for high quality, affordable housing, and HB 514 and HB 517 bring us one step closer to attaining that goal!” the association shared on its Facebook page.

The Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) opposes HB 517 and has concerns about HB 514. The association represents county governments across the state.

The house committee on governmental affairs, state & local government subcommittee, will consider the bills on Tuesday afternoon. The meeting begins at 2 pm. Please reach out to your state representative if these bills concern you.

Featured image shows homes within a subdivision. Stock photo.

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