Nine of ten General Assembly seats contested in Henry County

Photo of Georgia State Capitol (Wikimedia Commons photo)
(Wikimedia Commons photo)
Photo of Georgia state capitol in Atlanta (Wikimedia Commons photo)

Every two years, all 180 members of the Georgia House and 56 members of the Georgia Senate must stand for re-election. This year, nine of the ten seats in the Henry County local legislative delegation have a contested election.

Henry County is represented in the Georgia General Assembly by two state senators and eight state representatives. Qualified candidates for all ten elections have been included below.

The only seat in which the incumbent has not qualified is house district 110. Representative Andy Welch is exiting the assembly after ten years in the state house.

The primary is on May 19. If a candidate fails to receive a majority in their particular primary, the top two vote getters in that election will proceed to a late summer primary runoff. The general election is in November.

Seat Incumbent Contested in 2018? Contested in 2020?
Senate 10 Emmanuel Jones No Yes
Senate 17 Brian Strickland Yes Yes
House 73 Karen Mathiak No Yes
House 76 Sandra Scott No No
House 78 Demetrius Douglas No Yes
House 90 Pam Stephenson Yes Yes
House 109 Dale Rutledge Yes Yes
House 110 Andrew Welch No Yes
House 111 El-Mahdi Holly Yes Yes
House 130 David Knight Yes Yes

Source: Ballotpedia

Several seats will be effectively decided after the primaries (barring a successful independent or write-in campaign) with candidates qualifying from only the Democratic Party. These elections include senate district 10, where Senator Jones has drawn a primary challenger for the first time since 2006, and house districts 78, 90, and 111.

On the flip side, other elections have only one qualified candidate in each party effectively sending those contests directly to November for voters to decide. This includes senate district 17—arguably the biggest legislative contest in Henry County between Brian Strickland and Kelly Rose—and house districts 73, 109, 110, and 130.

Finally, representative Sandra Scott is unopposed in house district 76. Scott was first elected to the general assembly in 2010.

Senate 10

  • Emmanuel Jones (D)*
  • Maurice Raeford (D)

Senate 17

  • Kelly Rose (D)
  • Brian Strickland (R)*

House 73

  • William Harris (D)
  • Karen Mathiak (R)*

House 76

  • Sandra Givens Scott (D)*

House 78

  • Demetrius Douglas (D)*
  • Attania Jean-Funny (D)
  • Ron Walker (D)

House 90

  • Greg Shealey (D)
  • Pam Stephenson (D)*
  • Stan Watson (D)

House 109

  • Regina Lewis-Ward (D)
  • Dale Rutledge (R)*

House 110

  • Ebony Carter (D)
  • Clint Crowe (R)

House 111

  • Tarji Leonard Dunn (D)
  • El-Mahdi Holly (D)*

House 130

  • Sheila Henley (D)
  • David Knight (R)*

An asterisk* denotes the incumbent. Qualified candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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