North Ola Road Property Sold for Build-to-Rent Subdivision

Photo shows large homes within a subdivision; homes have side-entry garages (stock photo).
(stock photo)

Property off North Ola Road has sold for a new build-to-rent subdivision. The land is behind and east of the Publix at Ola shopping center.

When Henry County approved the Publix shopping center, a new subdivision was part of the plans. Land disturbance work started in late 2022.

Map showing residential projects in the vicinity of state route 81 at North Ola Road (staff map).
Ola Area Requests

North Ola Build-to-Rent

AMH, previously known as American Homes 4 Rent, purchased the North Ola Road property in May 2022. The location, shown in yellow on the map above, consists of seventy-seven acres. According to property records, AMH Development LLC paid $4.5 million for the land.

In 2019, when Henry County approved the rezoning request, the planned subdivision had 104 lots. Zoning conditions limit the property to this number. Homes must be at least 2,400 square feet with a side-entry garage, located on half-acre lots. Information on future rental rates for the property is not yet available.

The new subdivision will be one of potentially several new developments in the immediate area. Two rezoning requests — including a proposal for age-targeted townhomes — are waiting for the board of commissioners to rule on their request. Finally, a fourth proposal will present to the zoning board next month.

Build-to-Rent Subdivisions

Build-to-rent subdivisions and investment-owned housing represent a rising trend in single-family homes. The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently found Henry County to be at the center of this activity. The county is home to 11 of the 20 hottest census tracts for bulk buyers in the metro area.

Read the full AJC investigative report here.

Featured image shows a residential subdivision. Stock photo.

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