Henry Minutes March 31, 2022

Photo collage of city buildings in Henry County: McDonough city hall, Locust Grove city hall, Stockbridge city hall and Hampton train depot (special photo)

In today’s Henry Minutes, I take a look at three annexation items. Specifically, I share updates from Hampton, Locust Grove and Stockbridge. Henry Minutes is a collection of news from around Henry County.

Stockbridge annexation bill

Discussions continue at the State Capitol on the proposed annexation of portions of unincorporated Henry County into the city of Stockbridge. The state house passed Senate Bill 612 via committee substitute on March 25. The house substitute reflected changes in the proposed city council districts.

As of March 31, the senate has not considered the house substitute. In addition, Senator Strickland is developing an alternate proposal. He shared the below comment in response to a question about Facebook about the bill:

I am working on another version of this bill for when it comes back to the Senate for a vote. I have heard the feedback from this initial map, which is displayed in the graphic, and am working to present an alternative option that gives voters in actual holes around the current annexed area an option to join the city but doesn’t expand the city the way the initially proposed map does. Logistically this map has not been approved and I will be offering another version next week that should address the concerns that have been expressed.

Brian Strickland for Georgia, March 25, 2022

The remaining legislative days this year are Friday, April 1, and next Monday, April 4. The general assembly meets for forty days at the start of each year. Update: Governor signs Stockbridge annexation bill setting up November referendum.

Locust Grove annexation on Singley Drive

On March 21, the Locust Grove city council approved an annexation on Singley Drive. The 254-acre property remains zoned RA (residential agricultural) for the time being.

The council approved the annexation via a 5-1 vote. Councilman Boone was the lone vote against the request.

The applicant and land owner, Mr. Black of MBT Investments LLC, can submit a rezoning request after one year if he so chooses. Previous discussion centered on a future half-acre lot subdivision for the property, but that requires council approval. There will also be another public hearing if the property comes up for rezoning.

Hampton annexation

Earlier this month, the Hampton city council approved the first reading for two annexation requests. The requests consist of large areas both east and west of the existing city limits. The areas measure 803 acres and 572 acres respectively.

The council will consider second reading of the requests next month.

Featured image shows photos of the four cities in Henry County. Photo credit Clayton Carte (McDonough, Locust Grove and Hampton); Stockbridge city hall special photo.

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