Local legislation calls for Stockbridge annexation vote in Nov 2022

Map of proposed Stockbridge annexation in 2022 (@elium2 / Dave’s Redistricting photo).

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A proposed annexation in the city of Stockbridge would increase the city’s population to about 52,000 residents. Presently, the city has just shy of 29,000 residents based on the 2020 census. The proposal also adds districts for the city council members. Right now, Stockbridge residents elect each council member at-large.

Senator Emanuel Jones introduced senate bill 612 on March 8. Senator Brian Strickland co-sponsored the bill. The two senators collectively represent the city of Stockbridge and Henry County in the state senate. The general assembly will now consider the bill before session ends next month.

Stockbridge Annexation 2022

Senate Bill 612 calls for a referendum of unincorporated residents in November 2022. Specifically, the ballot question would ask residents in the proposed area whether they want to join the city of Stockbridge. At least 50% of voters must vote “yes” for the annexation to pass. Otherwise, the annexation would not occur.

The proposed annexation would “fill in the gaps” within existing city limits. It also proposes consistent boundaries along roadways. The proposed annexation includes the following:

  • all properties north of Jodeco Road between the Clayton County line and Norfolk Southern railroad,
  • all properties north of Chandler Road between the railroad and Brannan Road, then properties west of Brannan Road,
  • properties north of Campground Road between Brannan Road and highway 155, then properties west of highway 155 and south of East Lake Parkway,
  • all properties south of East Lake Parkway between Springdale Road and highway 155, then properties west of Springdale Road and south of Millers Mill Road,
  • all properties south of Millers Mill Road between highway 138 and Springdale Road,
  • properties to the northwest of highway 138 between Millers Mill Road and Flat Rock Road, then properties west of Flat Rock Road,
  • all properties to the southeast of East Atlanta Road between Stagecoach Road and Flat Rock Road, and finally,
  • all properties to the southwest of Stagecoach Road.

In addition, the annexation includes unincorporated areas of Henry County along Blackhall Road, Rock Quarry Road, North Henry Blvd and Eagles Landing Parkway.

City Services

If the annexation passes, then residents in the proposed area would begin to receive city services. Examples of Stockbridge services include the city police department beginning operations this summer, code enforcement, and garbage disposal / recycling. The city would also handle any rezoning requests and business licensing within the area. Finally, residents would be eligible to vote for mayor and city council.

Property Taxes

In 2021, city of Stockbridge residents paid slightly less property taxes than unincorporated residents. Here are the numbers:

  • City of Stockbridge resident – 38.03 mills or $4,563.60 on a non-homestead exempt property valued at $300,000.
  • unincorporated Henry County resident – 38.361 mills or $4,603.32 on a non-homestead exempt property valued at $300,000.

Both examples above include 23.628 mills or $2,835.36 for the school district — the majority of property taxes. As Stockbridge transitions from county police services to a city police department, a county millage rate of 1.824 mills will drop from city residents.

Stockbridge does not presently levy a city property tax. If circumstances change in the future and the city needs to levy a property tax, then any amount up to 1.824 mills would be less than their current rate.

Map of proposed Stockbridge council districts 2022 (@elium2 / Dave’s Redistricting photo).
Stockbridge Council Districts (@elium2 / Dave’s Redistricting photo)

Stockbridge Council Districts

If the annexation discussed above passes in November 2022, then city residents would begin to elect council members from districts in 2023. Specifically, the city would be divided into five districts. Each district contains a little more than 10,000 people.

The proposed districts take effect only if the annexation passes. Below is the general area of each district and the first election year if they take effect.

DistrictAreaElection Year
1North Stockbridge / East Atlanta Rd2023
2Red Oak / Walt Stephens Rd2025
3Eagles Landing Pkwy / Rock Quarry Rd2025
4State Route 42 / Flat Rock Rd2023
5Eagles Landing / Patrick Henry Pkwy2023

Councilwoman Gantt would serve as the member from district two, and Councilman Thomas would serve as the district three member, beginning January 2024 through 2025. Both members recently won re-election for a term ending December 2025. The other districts would elect their first council member in November 2023.

Featured image shows the proposed annexation 2022 map for Stockbridge. Photo credit @elium2 / Dave’s Redistricting.

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