Board Appoints Michael Price to be Interim District 4 Commissioner

Photo shows District 4 Interim Commissioner Michael Price and the county admin building (special photo).
(special photo)

Henry County commissioners held a called meeting on Thursday, March 28. At such time, they appointed Michael Price to be the interim district 4 commissioner.

The board considered an interim appointment because the district 4 commissioner, Vivian Thomas, resigned to run for county chair. Commissioner Price will serve until a special election.

Interim Commissioner Michael Price

Mr. Michael Price is the senior pastor at Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Locust Grove. He is a Stockbridge resident. The county selected Michael from a list of nominees submitted by the Henry County Democratic Party. This process is pursuant to senate bill 22 passed in 2021.

As a county commissioner, responsibilities include approving the county’s annual budget and adopting the property tax millage rate. In addition, the board handles land owners’ requests for new development in unincorporated Henry County.

District 4 represents the central portion of Henry County. This includes parts of the McDonough, Eagles Landing and Stockbridge communities. The district is generally the area between I-75 and SR 155, and between Jonesboro Road and highway 138.

The special election will be at a date to be determined. This could occur in November 2024. Candidate qualifying dates are also to be determined. The winner of the special election will finish the unexpired term, or until December 2026.

Featured image shows Michael Price and the county office. Special photo.

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