The Latest Updates on Henry County Road Projects January 2024

Photo of road work ahead sign in a work zone (Georgia DOT photo)

Henry County has numerous road projects in progress through either SPLOST V or transportation SPLOST. Here are the latest updates on Henry County road projects as of January 2024.

County staff shared the updates below with the transportation advisory group. The committee held their quarterly meeting on January 29. Update: Take a look at the May 2024 update!

Henry County Road Projects January 2024

  • Selfridge Road- substantially complete.
  • Bridges @ Willow Lane- Changed scope to full-depth reclamation. Anticipated completion by early June 2024.
  • Iris Lake @ Racetrack- substantially complete. Currently in 30-day burn period for lighting.
  • Peeksville Road- Commenced asphalt paving operations last week. Anticipated completion March 2024.
  • Rock Quarry Road T-SPLOST (from SR 138 / North Henry Blvd to Eagles Landing Parkway)- construction bid date delayed until September 2024 due to restrictive covenant on wetlands and environmental permitting.
  • SR 81 T-SPLOST (from Lemon Street to Bethany Road) right-of-way in progress. Tentative construction bid date May 2025.
  • Dutchtown Road- Right-of-way acquisition in progress.
  • Airline Road at McGarity- Right-of-way in progress.
  • Fairview Road Sidewalks- Right-of-way acquired; currently working on revision of ROW plats.
  • Fairview Road (from Home Depot to Hearn)- Final plans in review and coordinating utility relocations.
  • Fairview Road T-SPLOST (from Hearn Road to SR 155)- currently in design.
  • Bill Gardner Parkway T-SPLOST (from I-75 to SR 155)- Utility relocation coordination in progress.
  • Knight Drive- ROW currently in progress.
  • Burg Road- Awaiting final revision. ROW in progress.
  • McDonough Parkway T-SPLOST (from SR 42 to SR 155)- Bid documents in process of being advertised.
  • Flippen Road Extension- In the process of being advertised for construction bid.
  • SR 81 (from Bethany Road to Keys Ferry)- currently working with procurement to finalize bid documents for design / engineering work.
  • Mill Road (from Peachtree Peddler’s to SR 81)- Procurement in process of advertising for design bid.
  • McDonough Parkway @ SR 20 (tie-in with GDOT widening) Pre-construction meeting held January 29, 2024.
  • 2023 & 2024 LMIG Resurfacing– Currently being advertised for bid.
  • Jonesboro Road T-SPLOST (from I-75 to North Mt Carmel)- currently in ROW acquisition.

Georgia DOT Projects

In addition to the work above, Georgia DOT has projects within Henry County. Construction is underway on two widening projects: Georgia 20 in McDonough, and Georgia 42 north of Stockbridge. They anticipate bidding construction on four projects later this year:

  • Construct the western parallel connector, a new four-lane road between Hudson Bridge, Jodeco and Jonesboro Road;
  • Build dual roundabouts at SR 20 & McGarity Road and SR 20 & Lawrenceville Street in McDonough,
  • Install a roundabout at SR 81 and New Morn Drive, and
  • Resurface Georgia 20 between I-75 and Lower Woolsey Road.

Featured image shows Road Work Ahead sign on a divided highway. Georgia DOT photo.

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