The Second Land Use Plan Survey Is Out Now

Image showing a draft future community map for Henry County as of June 2023 (Henry County photo).
Draft Future Community Map, June 2023. (Henry County photo)

Henry County is nearly complete with an update to its comprehensive land use plan. The second public survey is out now, with one more public workshop coming up in July. Take a look at the progress so far, and how you can participate.

What is the Land Use Plan?

First, what is the land use plan? It’s a guiding document used by the county to look at where new development will occur, how it might look and to what density. The state requires counties and cities to review and update their plans every five years.

Henry County and the four cities last reviewed their plan in 2018. At the time, the county and three cities collaborated on a joint plan. This time around, each city is working separately from the county. This means the county plan is looking at unincorporated areas only.

Second Plan Survey & Infrastructure Look

This year’s plan is taking a detailed look at the county’s infrastructure, both sewer availability and the road network, in ways previous plans did not. Its been encouraging to see.

The draft plan has identified varying strategies of infrastructure investment to meet the varying levels of land use and their intensity. For example, the central core of the county along I-75 at Jonesboro and Jodeco Roads is quickly shaping into an urban development pattern. This means widening roads alone is not sufficient. The infrastructure strategy needs to consider alternate modes of transport such as walking and biking in this area.

The truth few want to hear is new development is not going to stop. Private landowners have the right to sell and build on their land. With that in mind, better planning for it is Henry County’s best path forward. I hope you will take a look at the survey linked below, and let the planning team know your thoughts. Also, mark your calendars to join us at the upcoming meeting.

The public workshop will be on Tuesday, July 11, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. It will be at the Henry County Administration Building in McDonough.

Land Use Plan Survey — Open now until July 6.

Featured image shows a draft future community map as of June 2023, subject to further revisions. Henry County photo.

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