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I was recently asked “why am I being asked to pay for info about my county? Isn’t it public information?” The truth is yes, a lot of our updates are publicly available; however, extensive time and effort goes into bringing them to you. Whether attending meetings and events, researching or writing, the hours add up.

Can MHF News Count on You?

To pay the bills, MHF News depends on our subscribers. Many are every day residents of Henry County who appreciate knowing what’s going on in our community. With the recent announcement that the Henry County Times is retiring, I would like to think this elevates the importance of the work I am doing. However, the website needs more support to continue operating.

As of July 1, MHF News has 132 subscribers. Our goal would be to add 300 new subscribers by August 31. If we reach our goal, I would like to expand our coverage to better share community events.

Subscribers gain access to all of our news content. If you are already a subscriber, thank you so much for your support. If you are considering it, I would greatly appreciate your contribution.

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