Henry County approves New Ladder Truck Purchase

Photo of Henry County Fire Ladder Truck 14 (Henry County photo).
(Henry County photo)

Henry County board members approved the purchase of a new ladder truck during their November 29, 2022 meeting. The new vehicle will replace a 2001 model that is no longer in service.

Henry County Fire Rescue operates three ladder trucks to serve the county. The city of McDonough also operates a ladder truck.

New Ladder Truck 2022

The new ladder truck comes from Ten-8 Fire & Safety, LLC in the amount of $1,275,000. The county’s capital project funds will pay for the purchase. Henry County Fire was able to locate a vehicle that is available now. Otherwise, the lead-time to construct a new ladder can be over two years.

Henry County most recently updated a ladder truck in 2020. At the time, they approved a lease agreement for the truck. They also leased two ladder trucks in 2017. County staff opted to purchase the vehicle now due to availability.


Also on November 29, Henry County approved the purchase of three ambulance boxes. The box is fitted onto the back of an engine chassis. The county bought three chassis in August. Another chassis purchase was approved this week.

Henry County Fire is sourcing the three ambulance boxes from Custom Truck and Body Works, Inc. of Woodbury, GA. Capital project funds will pay the $799,983 cost. Each truck will be available 120–150 days after Henry County delivers the vehicle chassis.

The latest vehicle chassis will be a 2022 Dodge RAM 4500. ARPA funds will pay for the $68,057 purchase. Finally, the board approved the purchase of two passenger vans for the fire department. The vans cost $68,980 also paid through ARPA funds.

Public Safety Master Plan

County staff have prepared a public safety vehicle and facilities master plan. The master plan seeks to identify and plan for all capital needs within the police and fire departments. Staff are awaiting the board to schedule a called meeting so they can present it. The board previously canceled an August meeting scheduled for the same purpose.

Featured image shows an existing county ladder truck. Henry County photo.

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