Henry County buys 150 new police vehicles, 3 ambulance chassis

Photo of Henry County Police Vehicles (Henry County photo)
(Henry County photo)

Henry County board members approved the purchase of 150 new police vehicles during the August 2 meeting. The police utility intercepts will cost the county $7.5 million through a state contract.

Wade Ford of Smyrna, GA will supply the new vehicles. Funding from SPLOST V pays for the purchase.

New Police Vehicles

During the last few years, Henry County is steadily working to upgrade its vehicle fleet. The SPLOST V program — developed in 2019 — set aside nearly $15 million dollars for county vehicles. The county’s capital improvements plan also includes funds for new vehicles.

Henry County last purchased police cars in spring 2021. Then, the county bought fifty new Ford Explorers for $2.6 million. As of fall 2021, the county had about 200 police vehicles purchased between 1999 to 2012 still in service. This week’s purchase will allow the police department to phase out a majority of these cars.

Ambulance Chassis

In addition to police vehicles, the county also approved a purchase of three ambulance chassis. The chassis is the engine and truck frame on which the ambulance box attaches. This purchase will allow Henry County to remount three existing ambulances onto new vehicles.

The purchase will cost $251k paid for through capital improvement funds. Reliant Emergency Specialists is the vendor. The fire department had to remove a similar agenda item to buy a new ambulance because the vehicle already sold.

In the fall of 2021, Henry County approved the purchase of six new ambulances. Due to the current supply chain constraints, those new vehicles have not yet arrived. The department is hopeful they will arrive before the end of the year.

Together, the two purchases will help update the county’s ambulance fleet. Out of the county’s 14 frontline ambulances, nine vehicles have greater than 165,000 miles. There are also five reserve units available as needed.

The board of commissioners have a special called meeting later this month to discuss public safety facilities needs. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 16, starting at 4 pm.

Featured image shows Henry County police vehicles. Photo credit Henry County.

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