More Henry County schools to receive Speed Limit Cameras

Photo of Henry County School buses arriving at school (Henry County Schools photo).

Henry County Police Department shared on Tuesday, July 27, the upcoming install of more school zone speed limit cameras. The cameras first appeared in 2019 following an agreement between Henry County and RedSpeed Georgia, LLC. Presently, they are active at five locations in the county. HCPD announced the planned addition at fifteen more schools.

The cameras monitor vehicle speed for drivers exceeding ten miles per hour above the speed limit. HCPD then reviews the footage and issues a citation in the mail. The first fine costs $75. Subsequent fines are $125 each. Henry County keeps 65% of revenues for public safety initiatives. RedSpeed retains 35% of revenues. In addition, there is no cost to the county for the cameras upkeep.

New Speed Limit Cameras

The county has speed limit cameras at five locations today. They include the following:

  • Hampton Middle & High School
  • Luella Elementary & High School
  • Ola Elementary, Middle & High School
  • East Lake Elementary, Union Grove Middle & High School
  • Stockbridge High School

For the upcoming school year, the following schools will receive cameras:

  • Austin Elementary School
  • Dutchtown Elementary School
  • Eagles Landing Middle & High School
  • Fairview ES
  • Flippen ES
  • Hickory Flat ES
  • Luella Middle School
  • Mt. Carmel ES
  • New Hope ES
  • Oakland ES
  • Pates Creek ES
  • Pleasant Grove ES
  • Rocky Creek ES
  • Rock Springs ES
  • Unity Grove ES

Operating Hours

On July 28, the county police department shared additional info about the speed limit cameras. The info seeks to clarify existing questions about the program.

A frequently asked question is the operating hours of the cameras. According to HCPD, they operate during school zone hours. School zone hours are defined as one hour before the first class until one hour after the school day ends on days when school is in session. School day hours are as follows:

  • Elementary School 7:45 am – 2:25 pm
  • Middle School 8:45 am – 3:55 pm
  • High School 8:15 am – 3:15 pm

As such, the cameras will operate during these hours:

  • Elementary School 6:45 am – 3:25 pm
  • Middle School 7:45 am – 4:55 pm
  • High School 7:15 am – 4:15 pm

School zones with multiple schools use the longest hours applicable. For example, the Ola school zone on North Ola Road is active from 6:45 am to 4:55 pm. The Union Grove cluster on East Lake Road and Hampton cluster on Hampton-Locust Grove Road also have all three schools present.

Anyone that receives a citation by mail outside of these hours, or on days school is not in session, may e-mail The e-mail should contain your name, violation number and a phone number where you can be reached.

Reduced Speed Limits

Henry County DOT is responsible for setting speed limits on county roads. As such, they may also set a reduced speed limit during school entry or dismissal. Typically, the reduced speed limit is ten miles per hour less than the regular speed limit.

To assist motorists, HCDOT will be installing flashing lights at all school zones where cameras are present. The lights will only flash during the reduced speed limit hours. In addition, the signage will display reduced speed limit hours. The lights will not flash during the rest of the school day. When the lights are not flashing, the normal speed limit is in effect. The cameras remain active during this time.

Featured image shows school buses arriving at school. Photo credit Henry County Schools.

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