Top ten posts of 2019: numbers six through ten

As 2019 draws to a close, Moving Henry Forward likes to recap the year through some of our biggest stories. Here’s a look at our top ten posts of the year, as decided by our readers and the number of views on individual articles.

This post specifically looks at numbers six through ten. We will be counting down numbers one through five on social media so be sure and follow us if you haven’t already.

Concept site plan for 343 Turner Church Road residential development (applicant photo)

10. Annexation Request on Turner Church Road

The first entry on this year’s list was shared in October. The proposed annexation and rezoning of 161 acres to build nearly four-hundred homes is pending as the year closes out after Henry County commissioners objected to the proposed annexation.

Aerial photo of ClayCo Building 500

9. Locust Grove rezones ClayCo Phase II

Refresh our memories back to the beginning of the year and Locust Grove rezoned 264 acres on Price Drive for future industrial development. We recently shared developers appear to be preparing to build the second warehouse in 2020.

Aerial photo showing I-75 at Bill Gardner Parkway in Locust Grove (Georgia DOT photo)

8. Weekend lane closures on Bill Gardner Parkway

Georgia DOT completed maintenance work on the Bill Gardner Parkway exit ramps in February. This year, we’ve also seen the state resurface fifteen miles of Interstate 75, complete two bridge replacement projects, and install raised pavement markers on state route 20.

Revised concept site plan for Millers Mill Road residential suburban development (Moore Bass Consulting photo)

7. Condominiums proposed (and later approved) next to JP Moseley Park

Multiple rezoning requests off Millers Mill Road have brought the community out this year, starting with the residential suburban project next to JP Moseley Park. This project was presented to the zoning advisory board in January and would later be approved by the commissioners in March.

Temporary traffic shift for the McDonough one-way pair project (Georgia DOT map)

6. Jonesboro Road closed in February

The McDonough one-way pair project made significant headway in 2019. Though the project isn’t completed yet (that’s estimated for spring 2020), some of the progress included improvements to the Jonesboro Road railroad crossing.

The above mentioned posts collected between 2,500 and 2,800 views each. Numbers two through five measure between 3,000 and 6,000 views, but number one was read over 12,000 times. Follow us on social media as we unveil the remaining posts.

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