L&D approved for SR 81 at Jackson Lake

Concept layout for roundabout at SR 81 and Snapping Shoals Road

Georgia DOT approved the location & design for a planned roundabout at state route 81 and Jackson Lake Road. The approval marks one step closer towards the project’s construction.

The state approved the location & design on January 5, 2021. Legal notice appeared in the January 20 edition of the Henry Herald.

Ordinarily, maps or plats would be available for public review at Georgia DOT public offices. Due to current COVID-19 measures, it may not be possible to access state buildings at this time. Anyone with questions or concerns about the project should call or email the area engineer for the District 3 / Area 1 office:

Kraig Collins, Area Engineer, krcollins@dot.ga.gov
101 Transportation Blvd
Thomaston, GA 30286
(706) 646-7631

Any interested party may obtain a copy of the drawings or maps or portions thereof by paying a nominal fee and requesting in writing to:

Kimberly Nesbitt, State Program Delivery Administrator
Attn: Daniel Chastain, DChastain@dot.ga.gov
600 West Peachtree St NW Suite 1550
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 865-3496

Any written request or communication in reference to this project SHOULD include the project name and P. I. number 0013697.

About the Project

The project proposes to build a modern single-lane roundabout at the intersection of state route 81 and Snapping Shoals Road / Jackson Lake Road. The state installed the existing mini-roundabout as a temporary solution during the design process and right of way acquisition for the larger project.

Planning for the intersection improvement started in 2015. Georgia DOT converted the intersection from two-way stop control to all-way stop control in an effort to reduce accidents. Because the intersection continued to experience crashes, the state installed a mini-roundabout to further improve conditions until the full-size roundabout could be constructed.

Since the conversion to the mini-roundabout in 2016, the crash rate from the all-way stop has reduced, but the crash pattern has remained the same. Of the twenty-seven crashes recorded from 2016 to 2018, fourteen were angle crashes.

The installation of a modern single-lane roundabout will address historical crash patterns at the intersection, including the high percentage of angle crashes. The single-lane roundabout will provide better speed control and design through the use of splitter islands, horizontal alignment modifications, approach offset, and curb / gutter. The project will also include lighting, a raised center island, and mountable truck apron.

Estimated project costs total $5.28 million, including $2.35 million for construction. The project is funded through federal safety dollars.

Credit for the featured image to Georgia DOT. Portions of this article were copied from the Georgia DOT press release.

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