Interim Commissioner Neat Robinson Appointed in District 2

Photo of Neat Robinson with the county board room as a backdrop (special photo).
Neat Robinson (special photo)

Former Stockbridge city councilwoman Neat Robinson will serve as the interim county commissioner in district 2. The board of commissioners confirmed the appointment at their June 6 meeting.

Commissioner Robinson will fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Dee Clemmons. Robinson will serve until a special election later this year. The county expects she will be sworn-in before the next board meeting.

Interim Commissioner Neat Robinson

Commissioner Robinson has served on several community boards. Most notably, she previously served on the Stockbridge city council from 2016–2019. Robinson has been a Stockbridge resident for nearly two decades.

She joins the board pursuant to senate bill 22. The bill, passed in 2021, outlines how to fill a vacancy on the Henry County Board of Commissioners. The Henry County Democratic Party nominated Robinson for the vacant seat. The board of commissioners then confirmed the nomination. The board confirmation passed by a 4-0 vote with one abstention (Thomas).

Special Election

A special election for the commission seat is expected in September. This is the next available date for a vote. The county will have to set qualifying dates. There will also be the question how many weeks and at which locations early voting will occur. More details about the special election will be forthcoming.

The special election winner will fill the remainder of the term, or until December 31, 2024. The district 2 seat will also be on the 2024 ballot for the next four-year term.

Commission district 2 represents portions of the Dutchtown, Stockbridge and Fairview communities.

Featured image shows Neat Robinson with the county board room as a backdrop. Special photo.

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