Henry County nearing 180,000 registered voters

Map and bar graph showing registered voter totals in Henry County as of 12 / 2019 (staff photo)
Map and bar graph showing registered voter totals in Henry County as of 12 / 2019 (staff photo)

Henry County is nearing 180,000 registered voters in an update shared by elections staff at this month’s board meeting. In 2019, the elections office has processed the applications for 11,539 first-time voters and 10,902 voters who moved into Henry County.

The new numbers represent a 25,000 voter increase from one year ago. In the November 2018 election, Henry County had 154,376 registered voters.

The number of voters per commission district is shown below. The larger numbers in commission districts II and III reflect where many of the county’s new residents have moved since 2010.

Commission DistrictRegistered Voters
District I (south Henry)33,887
District II (southwest Henry)40,462
District III (central Henry)38,296
District IV (north-central Henry)33,785
District V (north Henry)32,695

52 voters are in pending status and aren’t labeled as being in a district.

The commission districts will next be redrawn following the 2020 census. The new districts will take effect in the 2022 elections.

Elections office preparing to receive new voting equipment

The Henry County elections office is expecting to receive their new voting equipment in late January following the state’s decision earlier this year to replace and upgrade all voting machines. The new system will be in use starting with the presidential preference primary in March 2020.

Elections staff invite residents to try out a demo of the new voting machine at the elections office conveniently located off the McDonough Square. The demo is available for residents to drop-by Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm at 40 Atlanta Street, McDonough, GA.

In preparation to store the new equipment, the board of commissioners approved this week the installation and rental of a modular trailer for the elections staff. The cost to rent the trailer is funded in the elections department budget.

The temporary trailer will allow staff to convert existing office space inside the elections building into additional storage space and offer residents an enlarged area to participate in early voting. Like the new voting machines, the space will be ready by March.

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