A Look Who’s Running for Office in Henry County 2024

Photo of Georgia voter stickers (AJC photo / Ben Gray)
(AJC photo / Ben Gray)

Here is a look at who’s running for office in Henry County in 2024. Candidate qualifying occurred during the week of March 4–8.

The general primary will be on Tuesday, May 21. At this time, non-partisan offices will also have their election. Finally, the general election will be in November.

Who’s Running for Office Henry County 2024

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An (I) following a candidate’s name denotes the incumbent.

County Commissioners

There will be democratic primaries for county chair and commissioner district 2. There is a contested general election for commissioner district 1.

County Commission Chair

  • Marion Calhoun (D)
  • Carlotta Harrell (I) (D)
  • Vivian Thomas (D)

Commissioner District 1 – South Henry County

  • Demetrius Rucker (D)
  • Johnny Wilson (I) (R)

County Commissioner District 2 – Stockbridge & North Henry County

  • Daniel Edwards (D)
  • Karen Prince (D) disqualified from the ballot
  • Neat Robinson (I) (D)

By Commissioner Thomas qualifying to run for county chair, it will require a special election in district 4. More info on that election will follow when available.

Other County Offices

The coroner, sheriff and tax commissioner each have a contested Democratic Primary. There will also be a contested general election for sheriff.


  • Tony Brown (D)
  • Donald W Cleveland (I) (D)


  • Willie Brown (D)
  • Cornell ”C.J.” Madison, Jr (D)
  • Reginald B. Scandrett (I) (D)
  • Walter J. Woolfork (D) disqualified from the ballot
  • Curtis Steven Farmer (Non-Partisan)
  • Adrian Washington (Non-Partisan)
  • Jack Lee Redlinger (R)

Tax Commissioner

  • Toneen Brown (D)
  • Michael Harris (I) (D)

School Board

The school board elections are non-partisan. The winner will be determined on the May 21 ballot.

District 1 – South Henry County

  • Earlene H. Crump
  • John H. Dewberry
  • Cassandra Norsworthy
  • Pam Nutt (I)

District 3 – Ola & Union Grove

The current school board member, Holly Carter Cobb, chose not to seek re-election.

  • Larry N. Bryant
  • Jennifer Gardner Carter

District 5 – North Hampton, Dutchtown and Central McDonough

  • Makenize McDaniel (I)
  • Sheri Mimbs
  • Gewel Richardson

Judges & Courts

Similar to the school board, judgeships are non-partisan positions. Most judgeships and court officers qualified unopposed to retain their seats.

Superior Court Judge (Roberts)

  • Danielle P. Roberts (I)

Superior Court Judge (Veal)

  • Holly Veal (I)

State Court Judge (Bailey)

  • Ralph Bailey, Jr (I)

State Court Judge (Knights)

  • Loletha Hale disqualified from the ballot
  • Stephen N. Knights, Jr (I)

Probate Court Judge

  • Kelley S. Powell (I)

District Attorney

  • Darius Patillo (I)

Clerk of Superior Court

  • Sabriya Hill (I)

Solicitor of State Court

  • Pamela Marie Bettis (I)

State House & Senate

Please note the house and senate district maps have changed since 2022. In addition, some district numbers have changed. Visit here for a look at the new house & senate maps.

Among the state legislators who represent Henry County, four out of the ten will have a contested general election. In addition, there is one contested Democratic Primary. Finally, two positions have a contested Republican Primary.

State House

State Representatives Clint Crowe, Karen Mathiak and Angela Moore represent a portion of Henry County today; however, their districts no longer include a portion of the county on the new maps.

House District 74 – Hampton & Lovejoy

**Open District with No Incumbent**

  • Robert Flournoy, Jr. (D)
  • Maggy Martinez (D)

House District 78 – West Stockbridge & Dutchtown

  • Demetrius Douglas (I) (D)

District 81 – Ola, Union Grove & East Locust Grove

  • Mishael White (D)
  • Lauren Daniel (I) (R)
  • Noelle Kahaian (R)

House District 115 – East Fairview, East Stockbridge & Woodland

  • Regina Lewis-Ward (I) (D)

House District 116 – West Fairview, Central Stockbridge & Eagles Landing

  • El-Mahdi Holly (I) (D)
  • Reign Stevens (R)

District 117 – McDonough, West Locust Grove & Luella

**Open District with No Incumbent**

  • Mary Ann Santos (D)

State Senate

Each state senate district represents portions of other counties, in addition to a portion of Henry County.

Senate District 10 – Fairview, Downtown Stockbridge & Woodland

  • Emanuel D. Jones (I) (D)
  • Furquan Stafford (R)

Senate District 17 – Hampton, West McDonough & Stockbridge

  • Gail Davenport (I) (D)

District 25 – Locust Grove & Southeast Henry County

  • Leland Jake Olinger (R)
  • Rick A Williams (I) (R)

Senate District 42 – East McDonough, Ola & Union Grove

  • Kacy D Morgan (D)
  • Brian Strickland (I) (R)
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