Governor Kemp signs new legislative district maps into law

Map showing new Georgia congressional districts in effect beginning in 2022 (Georgia photo)

On Thursday, December 30, Governor Kemp signed the state’s new legislative district maps into law. The new maps will be in effect beginning for the 2022 elections.

Georgia, like all states, must redraw their political districts following the census. This allows each district to have the same amount of residents. The new maps apply to US House, state senate and state house.

Map showing new Georgia congressional districts in effect beginning in 2022 (Georgia photo)
Congressional Districts (state photo)

US House

Georgia keeps fourteen seats in the US House following the 2020 census. Henry County will also continue to be part of three districts. They are congressional districts three, ten and thirteen.

Presently, Representatives Drew Ferguson, Jody Hice and David Scott represent Henry County. Because Hice is running for Secretary of State, District 10 is an open seat in 2022. Residents in east and central Henry County will help decide the next member of Congress among a crowded candidate field. At the time of writing, Ballotpedia lists sixteen candidates for the seat.

Map of proposed state senate districts 2022–2031 (Georgia photo)
State Senate Districts (state photo)

State Senate

For the last ten years, Henry County was part of two state senate districts. They were districts ten and seventeen. Senators Emanuel Jones and Brian Strickland represent the two areas, respectively. The area within each district has changed on the new maps.

Starting in 2022, part of southern Henry County will now vote in senate district 25. The district also includes Baldwin, Butts, Jasper, Jones and Putnam Counties. Senator Burt Jones has represented district 25 since 2013. This year, Jones is running for lieutenant governor. Like congressional district 10, senate district 25 is an open seat as a result.

Map of proposed state house districts 2022–2031 (Georgia photo)
State House Districts (state photo)

State House

During the 2010s, Henry County was part of eight state house districts. As a result of the new maps, this number reduces to seven. In addition, there may be changes to district numbers.

State house members serve two-year terms. The table below lists incumbent representatives, their current district number and their new district if they seek re-election.

RepresentativeCurrent DistrictNew District
Karen Mathiak7374
Demetrius Douglas7878
Angela Moore9091
Regina Lewis-Ward109115
Clint Crowe110118
El-Mahdi Holly111116

In addition, house district 117 is an open seat in the new district maps. Moving Henry Forward founder Clayton Carte recently announced his candidacy for the seat.

Local Maps

In addition to the maps discussed above, new maps will be forthcoming soon for county commissioners and school board. The Georgia General Assembly is responsible for adopting new local district maps. The assembly convenes for its annual session later this month. During the session, lawmakers will present the new local maps.

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