The Henry County Bus Stop Study is Now Underway

Photo shows the logo for the Henry County bus stop study (county photo).
(Henry County photo)

Henry County has kicked off its local bus stop study. The plan is looking at how best to implement bus stops along the county’s upcoming bus route. The new transit service plans to start in summer 2024.

The bus route connects McDonough and Stockbridge. The county received federal funds to partially-fund the first three years of service.

Henry County Bus Stop Study

The county bus stop study is being completed by Sizemore Group, LLC. They began the study in December 2023. The study has an expected completion date in January 2025. Working alongside the county’s transit department, Sizemore Group has the following objectives:

  • design bus stops, bus stop signs, bus stop shelters, landscape, sidewalks and crosswalks to make bus stops more accessible and attractive,
  • identify locations to install flashing beacon lights to slow down vehicles to access bus stops more safely, and
  • many other ideas under the concept called “transit creative placemaking.”

What is transit creative placemaking? It includes the following:

Transit Creative Placemaking intentionally makes transit stops into community amenities: they can function as safe and clean places to wait for the bus, as well as portals for information, locations for accessing needs, and venues for storytelling.

Study Update presentation dated February 6, 2024.

To accomplish these goals, the consultant is looking to enlist the help of local artists. They have an upcoming meeting so those interested can find out more. It will be on Tuesday, February 27, at 5:30 pm. More info about the info session is on the county website underneath ”transit planning.”

The plan will also host a series of public meetings to gather input. The first meeting is expected to be in April. Two others will follow later in the year. Stay tuned for meeting dates!

Featured image shows the Henry County bus stop study logo. Henry County photo.

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