Locust Grove Annexation Approved in State House and Senate

Photo showing Locust Grove annexation map 2024 (Georgia map).
Locust Grove is asking state legislators to sponsor a legislative annexation. Voters in the pink area would vote whether to join the city later this year if lawmakers approve the city’s request. (Georgia map)

State lawmakers have approved a bill allowing for a legislative annexation in Locust Grove. If the governor signs the bill, then residents will vote in November 2024 whether to join the city.

The annexation would add about 2,500 new residents to the city of Locust Grove. The bill fills-in the existing city limits to be more compact.

Locust Grove Annexation 2024

Senate Bill 397 provides for annexation by the city of Locust Grove. Local senators sponsored it at the city’s request. The bill includes the following areas for annexation:

  • Annex (shown in blue) — this area, generally west of I-75 stopping at Lester Mill Road, would automatically join the city limits if state lawmakers approve it. This is because less than 500 residents live within the area. About 130 residents live in the area.
  • Annex1 (shown in pink) — this area, including residents on Indian Creek Road and Locust Road, would vote in November whether to join the city. About 2,300 residents reside in this area.

If voters approve it, then the pink-shaded area would become part of the city in January 2025.

City Services & Taxes

Residents within the proposed area could see a lower property tax bill in 2025. That’s based on 2023 values when city residents paid a lower millage rate than unincorporated residents. The difference was a tax savings of $246 for a property valued at $250 thousand dollars.

In addition, homeowners would receive the benefit of the Locust Grove homestead exemption. In 2022, city voters approved a 100% exemption. This means homeowners will pay $0 towards any future city property taxes. The city does not presently levy a property tax.

Finally, residents would begin to receive city services. This includes city police services and code enforcement. They could also vote for the mayor and city council.

Featured image shows a map of the Locust Grove annexation request. Locust Grove photo.

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