State Lawmakers Introduce “Addy’s Law” at the State Capitol

Photo shows a group of school buses lined up in a parking lot (stock photo).
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This week, state lawmakers introduced ”Addy’s Law” to change how school districts determine bus routes. The bill follows the passing of an 8-year-old girl, Adalynn Pierce, after being hit by a vehicle while crossing the road to get on the school bus earlier this month.

Members of the state house and state senate have both introduced bills to pass “Addy’s Law.” Lawmakers are in session until the end of March to consider bills. Crossover Day, the deadline for bills to pass one chamber for the other chamber to consider it, is February 29.

Lawmakers Introduce ”Addy’s Law”

House Bill 1284 and Senate Bill 492 both seek to modify school bus routes. SB 492 would require school buses to pick up students from the same side of the road. HB 1284 would encourage school districts to minimize students crossing the road when the speed limit is 40 mph or greater. It would also increase the penalty for passing a stopped school bus. The monetary fine would increase from $250 to $1,000.

The house committee on motor vehicles is scheduled to consider the house bill this upcoming week. They have a meeting on Tuesday morning at 8 am. After the committee considers it, the bill can then proceed to the full house.

State Rep. Lauren Daniel, the sponsor of HB 1284, shared the following with MHF News:

“As a mother, I cannot imagine the immense amount of pain sweet Addy’s family is experiencing. After taking with her mother, I have dropped HB 1284 in an effort to prevent drivers from being reckless when near a school bus and to also hold them accountable when they are. I am hopeful this will bring awareness to the issue and our community will continue to rally around this family during this difficult time.”

Representative Clint Crowe, a co-sponsor of the bill, also shared his thoughts:

“In the wake of the heartbreaking loss of Addy, a bright and beloved member of our community, our resolve to safeguard our children has never been stronger. This devastating incident highlights an urgent need for action against the reckless endangerment of our most vulnerable citizens — our children. They deserve to journey to and from school under the mantle of safety, and it is our duty to ensure that no other family endures the pain of losing a child in such a preventable manner.”

Featured image shows a group of school buses. Stock photo.

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