SPLOST V projects: the summary

Pie chart depicting proposed Henry County SPLOST V funding (staff photo)
Pie chart depicting proposed Henry County SPLOST V funding (staff photo)

When Henry County voters head to the polls on November 5, they will be asked to renew the county’s local sales tax for capital projects. The SPLOST V program is estimated to collect $204 million over five years if approved.

Henry County is forecast to receive $155,872,694 in SPLOST V collections. To learn more about how the cities plan to spend their $48.1 million in collections, visit our city projects post.

The proposed SPLOST V program includes the following project categories:

Capital ProjectsParks, Senior Centers, and Libraries$22,700,06314.6%
Aquatic Center$22,000,00014.1%
Public Safety$19,500,00012.5%
Fleet Replacement Program$14,528,6949.3%
Transportation ProjectsMajor Transportation Projects$46,121,25729.6%
Dirt Roads$11,694,1767.5%
Sidewalks & Paths$680,3350.4%

Henry County voters have previously approved four SPLOST programs, the first in September 1996. The chart below provides a quick summary about previous programs for reference:

ProgramYearsFinal County CollectionsCapital ProjectsTransportation
SPLOST I1997 to 2002$79,949,41150.4%49.6%
SP. II2003 to 2008$117,716,52831.5%68.5%
SP. III2008 to 2014$132,333,16632.4%67.6%
SP. IV2014 to 2020$143,452,040*38.4%61.6%

*estimated county collections from SPLOST IV. Collections end on March 31, 2020.

Early voting is happening now at five locations throughout the county. For more information about Election Day and what’s on the ballot, visit our Elections web page.

Be sure and visit any of the articles linked below for more details about individual projects proposed in the SPLOST V program:

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