State Route 85 Widening Approved from Riverdale to 279

Map showing state route 85 widening project south of Riverdale, from Roberts Road to SR 279 (OpenStreetMap photo).
(OpenStreetMap photo)

Georgia DOT has approved a construction contract to widen a portion of state route 85 in Clayton and Fayette Counties. The project extends for almost four miles.

The state route 85 widening extends between Roberts Drive south of Riverdale to state route 279. The work includes expanding the roadway to six lanes in some sections.

State Route 85 Widening

Presently, state route 85 has four lanes, two in each direction, with a median from the beginning of the project at the intersection with SR 279 to just south of the intersection with Bethsaida Road / Lamar Hutcheson Parkway. State Route 85 transitions to three lanes in each direction from here to the northern project terminus at Roberts Drive. The initial work to enlarge beyond this started in 1988. The project lingered awaiting funds to pay for it.

When state lawmakers passed the transportation funding act in 2015, it provided the funds to build the project. Since 2015, the project underwent updated engineering in 2017 and right of way acquisition in 2018. It now advances to construction.

The project has several components. They include the following:

  • Provide shoulder improvements from SR 279 to Pointe South Parkway to add a sidewalk and curb and gutter. This will include adding a sidewalk to the southbound bridge on SR 85 over Camp Creek and reconstructing the existing outside barrier to ensure pedestrian mobility.
  • Construct an additional lane in each direction to provide a continuous six-lane road between Pointe South Parkway and Roberts Drive.
  • Reconstruct the northbound and southbound bridges on SR 85 over Camp Creek.

Construction Bid

Georgia DOT accepted bids for the SR 85 widening through May 19, 2023. Three contractors submitted bids on the project. On June 30, the state announced a contract award to CW Matthews Contracting of Marietta, GA. Construction costs equal $52,914,111.01.

Following contract award, road work typically begins two to three months later. This would place the project starting this fall. The project completion date is July 31, 2026.

Featured image shows a map of SR 85 with markers to represent the project limits. OpenStreetMap photo.

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