Let Georgia DOT Know Your Thoughts on Widening State Routes

Excerpts showing portions of the concept layouts for three major road projects: widening state routes 42, 81 and 155 (Georgia DOT photos).
(Georgia DOT photos)

Georgia DOT is presently hosting three public open houses to receive feedback on upcoming roadway projects within Henry County. Each open house is available online for a limited time.

Multiple projects in McDonough and Stockbridge have concurrent open houses. They include widening portions of state routes 42, 81 and 155. In addition, the state route 81 project has an in-person meeting in December.

State Route 42 Open House

The state route 42 open house is for an upcoming project to widen the highway between SR 138 in Stockbridge and I-675. The project is presently buying right of way with a construction start planned next year.

Since GDOT last held an open house for the project, there have been several changes to the concept layout. They include the removal of several truck U-turn loons — a larger paved area for trucks to safely U-turn — as well as minor changes to the center median on the project. When complete, the project will offer four travel lanes and a continuous sidewalk.

Additionally, several side roads will require temporary closure during construction. Georgia DOT is accepting feedback about the proposed closures and their detour routes. Affected roads include Old Atlanta Road, Daniel Drive, Edward Road and Sunset Hills Blvd.

Residents have until next Friday, November 18, to submit comments about the project. They can view the concept project layout, proposed detour routes for road closures and submit comments at the state website below.

State Route 81 Widening

The next two projects are both in McDonough. First, the state route 81 widening project has a public hearing open house. This is the second opportunity to comment on the project. GDOT previously held an open house in 2020.

The highway 81 widening extends between Postmaster Drive and Bethany Road. Like the other projects being discussed, the concept layout is a four-lane road with a center median and sidewalks. A notable element of the project would be a new multilane roundabout at SR 81 and Postmaster Drive.

An in-person open house for the highway 81 project will take place on Tuesday, December 6, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Residents may drop into the meeting at anytime. The meeting will be at the county admin building on Henry Parkway.

In addition, residents may provide their feedback online by December 20. The state open house and concept layout are available below.

SR 155 Widening Open House

Finally, the state route 155 widening open house has a few weeks remaining. The highway 155 project extends between I-75 and US 23 / SR 42 in McDonough. Major elements of the proposed project would be a new roundabout at the intersection with Henry Parkway, and replacing the bridge over Norfolk Southern railroad.

Georgia DOT is accepting feedback about highway 155 through December 2, 2022. The state open house, comment form and project layout are available on the GDOT website linked below.

The three projects discussed above represent only a few of the upcoming major road projects within Henry County. MHF News encourages everyone to fill out the comment form on each project, even if only to indicate your support or opposition to the project.

Featured image shows an excerpt of the project layout for each widening project. Georgia DOT photos.

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