Travels Tuesday: Georgia DOT awards $76.4 million dollar contract for I-75 CD system in Clayton County

Concept signage guide for I-75 collector distributor lanes (Georgia DOT photo)
Concept photo for future road signage along I-75 northbound approach to collector-distributor system
Advance road signage will help motorists navigate the CD system. (Georgia DOT photo)

A major project to widen and reconstruct portions of I-75 northbound in Clayton County will soon break ground after Georgia DOT awarded the project’s construction in May. The $76,413,231.79 contract was awarded to Archer Western Construction, LLC of Atlanta, GA.

The project will install a collector-distributor system on I-75 northbound between state route 331 (exit 237) and I-285 (exit 238A-B) near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The project will also construct a new bridge and reconfigure the interstate on-ramps for SR 85 and Forest Parkway.

An excerpt from the federal highway administration states “the introduction of collector-distributor (C-D) roads…use[s] auxiliary lanes separated from the freeway mainline so that local entering and exiting traffic will avoid conflicts with through traffic. A C-D system reduces weaving movements on the mainline while minimizing entrance and exit points on the through lanes.”

The project proposes to build new CD lanes alongside I-75 northbound for a distance of approximately 2.0 miles between Forest Parkway and I-285. Other improvements planned include “reconfiguration of the Forest Parkway at I-75 Interchange ramps and the I-285 at I-75 Interchange ramps, operational improvements to the I-75 corridor between Forest Parkway and I-285, and reconfiguration of the Frontage Road along the east side of I-75” (Georgia DOT).

Once complete, the project will reduce weave sections and conflict zones for traffic entering I-75 northbound from either SR 85 or Forest Parkway and traffic exiting from I-75 northbound to I-285. These improvements will address safety concerns, reduce the number of crashes within the study area, and improve operations along the mainline of I-75.

The contractor has 760 days to compete the project. The estimated completion date is June 1, 2021. A high resolution concept layout of the project is available on the GDOT website.

Travels Tuesday looks at upcoming transportation projects close to Henry County and throughout the state of Georgia. A separate project to build collector-distributor lanes along I-75 southbound is budgeted for construction in 2029.

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