Proposed Henry County Districts pass Georgia General Assembly

Map of proposed county commission and school board districts (Dave’s Redistricting / @elium2 on Twitter photo).

The proposed Henry County commission and school board districts passed the state house on Thursday morning, February 17. They passed the state senate earlier in the week. The bills await the governor’s signature to become law.

All political districts had to be redrawn to account for changes in population following the 2020 census. State Senators Emanuel Jones and Brian Strickland sponsored the new Henry County districts.

For bill numbers, Senate Bill 463 relates to the school board. In addition, SB 464 relates to the county commission.


Henry County Districts

Henry County is divided into five districts. Each district elects a county commissioner and school board member. The county as a whole also elects the county commission chair. The five districts can generally be described as follows:

  • District 1 – south Henry County
  • District 2 – north Henry County
  • Dist. 3 – east Henry County
  • District 4 – central Henry County
  • Dist. 5 – west Henry County

County commission districts 3, 4 and 5 will be on this year’s ballot. Likewise, school districts 4 and 5 are up for election. The proposed districts create an open district on the board of commissioners in district 5.

Candidate qualifying for the 2022 elections will take place during the week of March 7.

Featured image shows a map of the proposed county commission districts. Photo credit @elium2 on Twitter / Dave’s Redistricting.

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