Transit X could be coming to Henry County

Map of proposed Transit X System
Transit X is proposing a pod-based transit system through Henry County. The pilot route is shown in orange. (TransitX photo)

March 2019 update: the Atlanta Journal Constitution has reported that Transit X and Henry County will not be moving forward together.

Transit X is using technology to transform mass transit and the company is looking to use Henry County for its first major pilot site. The company is considering a route that starts in downtown Locust Grove, travel along highway 42 through McDonough and Stockbridge, then traverse East Atlanta and Thurman Roads to reach Fairview, before connecting through Clayton County to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

What is Transit X? Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Transit Xâ„¢ is personal mass transit that solves these problems and provides nonstop, 24/7, wait-free, resilient, all-weather service that is quiet, attractive, safe, and seamlessly fits within cities, beside highways, and along rail corridors.

Pods, each carrying a single passenger or up to a family of five, quietly cruise above traffic under a narrow track. Destinations are entered via smart phone or kiosk prior to boarding. Passengers board pods at stops that are as convenient as taxi or bus stops. A pod takes off and cruises nonstop until landing at the destination.

Transit X is a fully-automated transportation network with high-capacity interchanges and stops that provide fast and wait-free travel. A single track provides the capacity of a 12-lane highway. Installation is fast and minimally disruptive. It has a lower visual impact than vehicles and roadways. Transit X provides door-to-door service for both passengers and freight.

The company’s proposed pilot route through Henry County would cost $1.4 billion dollars of private investment with zero public dollars, according to JT Williams, a local resident engaged with the company. Mr. Williams spoke about Transit X during a recent town hall meeting in Fairview held by Commissioner Holmes.

Fares for the system would cost an estimated $0.50 cents per mile of travel per pod. Each pod is individually rented and can seat up to five people.

Transit X is looking to start surveying for route right of way in early 2019. No timetable was given for when the system might be open.

The Fairview town hall was the first mention about this system. The company states they have a memorandum of understanding with Henry County, but the topic has not come up during any board of commissioners meetings.

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