Fairview City Center includes corporate office space

South site plan for Fairview City Center (staff photo)
South site plan for Fairview City Center (staff photo)

Commissioner Holmes introduced the public to plans for a new mixed use development within Fairview during last week’s town hall meeting. The plans include two four-story office towers, the first corporate office space in Henry County if built, as elements in a 90 acre mixed use project north of Fairview Road and West Village Parkway.

A major focus within the recent comprehensive plan update was how to attract class A office space to Henry County. Landing the first project is the most difficult since we are an untested market and this could be the breakthrough we have needed.

North site plan for Fairview City Center (staff photo)
North site plan for Fairview City Center (staff photo)

Fairview City Center has plans for over 200,000 square feet of office space, commercial and residential uses. The existing Fairview Corners development south of Fairview Road has plans for medical and surgical space alongside commercial and residential. The development companies are partnering so that the two projects compliment each other.

Within Fairview City Center, there are plans for over five-hundred residential units. The residents would help sustain the commercial sections of the project through walkable proximity to restaurants and stores. The units include townhomes, lofts above the commercial spaces, “cluster homes” and single family homes.

Site plan for Fairview Corners
Site plan for Fairview Corners (Nidus Development photo)

Fairview Corners includes thirty acres and is being built by Nidus Development. The Fairview Urgent Care opened in 2017 and other medical offices are expected to start construction in spring 2019. A senior living apartment complex along the southern boundary of Fairview Corners was approved by the BOC in April.

Fairview City Center includes ninety acres and has not yet filed for rezoning to mixed use. Once the application is submitted, a development of regional impact review with the state of Georgia will be required. The DRI will evaluate existing infrastructure around the site. Fairview Road is already four lanes at the project site fulfilling the primary transportation need. West Village Parkway is currently in design to be widened and the proposed SPLOST V program will consider funding construction.

The rezoning is anticipated to be heard by the zoning advisory board in early 2019, with the public hearing before the commissioners next spring. Those dates are subject to change awaiting the formal request to rezone property. Moving Henry Forward will publish blog posts before each meeting.

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