Lawmakers Meet Wednesday for Special Session on Redistricting

Photo of the Georgia State Capitol at sunset (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

Georgia lawmakers have a special session beginning Wednesday, November 29, on redistricting. The state must redraw its legislative maps after federal courts found the state’s maps violate the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

Lawmakers have until Friday, December 8, to approve three new maps. They include one each for US Congress, the state senate and state house.

Special Session on Redistricting

US District Judge Steve Jones ruled in October that Georgia must redraw its maps. The judge found the state needed to add the following:

  • one additional Black-majority congressional district in west-metro Atlanta,
  • two more Black-majority state senate districts, and
  • five additional Black-majority state house seats.

The additional state senate districts must be in south metro Atlanta. The state house districts must be two each in south-metro Atlanta and around Macon, and one district in west-metro Atlanta. Several, if not all, Henry County-based districts will change as a result.

Shortly after the federal courts issued their ruling, Governor Kemp called a special session to start November 29. Lawmakers will begin the session on Wednesday morning at 10 am.

Map showing the draft state senate districts for 2023 redistricting (Georgia photo).
State Senate 2023 Redistricting, November 27 draft. (Georgia photo)

State Senate Map

Georgia lawmakers shared the first of the three maps on Monday afternoon, November 27. The state senate released a first draft of their proposed revisions. Though further changes may occur, the new map has the following:

  • The proposed map would incorporate a portion of a fourth senate district into Henry County. Three senators represent the county now.
  • Senate district 10, held by Emanuel Jones, would represent north Henry County. Portions of DeKalb County are also in the district.
  • Senate district 17 would be redrawn to represent west Henry County, Jonesboro and Lovejoy. Senator Gail Davenport would be the incumbent for this area.
  • District 25 would continue to represent Locust Grove meanwhile adding two voting precincts in Ola. The district has five middle Georgia counties as well. Senator Rick Williams represents this area.
  • Finally, district 42 would represent portions of McDonough, Ola and Union Grove. Three east-metro counties are in the district. Senator Brian Strickland would be the incumbent.

There is no estimate when we could see a draft map for the state house or Congress. The house has a committee meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss their map.

Featured image shows the Georgia state capitol. Clayton Carte photo.

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