Board Holds Swearing-In for Commissioner Neat Robinson

Photo of county commissioners at Neat Robinson swearing-in ceremony (Henry County photo).
From L to R: Commissioners Johnny Wilson, Dee Anglyn, Kevin Lewis, Neat Robinson, Chair Carlotta Harrell and State Court Judge Ralph Bailey, on June 20, 2023. (Henry County photo)

Henry County officials gathered on Tuesday afternoon, June 20, for the swearing-in of Commissioner Neat Robinson. Robinson fills the district 2 commission seat following the resignation of Dee Clemmons.

Commissioner Robinson will serve as interim commissioner until a special election later this year. The winner of the special election will serve the remainder of the term, or until December 2024.

Neat Robinson Swearing-In

State Court Judge Ralph Bailey joined county commissioners on Tuesday for the official swearing-in. Family and friends of Commissioner Robinson also gathered for the occasion.

Robinson thanked everyone for their support and said she is looking forward to serving the Henry County community. “It doesn’t matter what side we’re on, we are one Henry County,” said Robinson.

Prior to now, Robinson served on the Stockbridge council from 2016–2019. She has also served on several community boards. The Henry County Democratic Party nominated Robinson earlier this month as the sole nominee to be interim commissioner.

Special Election

At this time, the board of elections has not yet finalized when the special election will occur. They expect to vote on it at their next meeting in July. The next available election date would be in September.

The county commissioners approved the qualifying fee in June. The fee is set at 3% of the commissioner’s salary. This equates to $1,243.54. Qualifying dates are to be determined.

Residents of district 2 can vote in the election later this year. District 2 represents portions of the Dutchtown, Fairview and Stockbridge communities.

Featured image shows county commissioners at the swearing-in ceremony on June 20, 2023. Henry County photo.

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