Hampton Homestead Votes On Ballot After Governor Signs Bills

Photo of Hampton train depot with poinsettias in fountain for Christmas season (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

Voters in the city of Hampton will see five homestead questions on their ballot in November after Governor Kemp signed the bills. The homestead votes would create tax savings for Hampton homeowners.

The proposed homestead exemptions grant varying amounts of tax relief. Local legislators introduced the measures at the request of the Hampton city council.

Hampton Homestead Votes

The proposed Hampton homestead exemptions will appear on the November 2023 ballot. Tax savings would take effect beginning in 2024 if voters approve them. Hampton voters will see five questions to create the following:

  • $50 thousand in homestead exemption for those both under 65 years of age and totally disabled,
  • $50 thousand exemption for homeowners ages 68 & older,
  • $25 thousand exemption for homeowners ages 62 but not yet 68,
  • $15 thousand in exemption for all other homeowners, and
  • a frozen homestead for Hampton homeowners.

Update: Voters approved creating the homestead exemptions listed above. The exemptions passed with between 85–94% of the vote on each ballot question.

The Hampton council passed a city property tax in 2022. This created a city tax for the first time in decades. The millage rate measured 4.5 mills. Based on this rate, a homeowner who qualifies for the standard exemption would save $67.50 annually. The elderly and disabled would see greater savings.

The final item, a frozen exemption, would ”lock in” the amount a homeowner pays year-to-year. With a frozen exemption, a homeowner’s annual tax bill does not increase solely if their property value increases. A change in millage rate would still affect the tax bill. Henry County has had a frozen exemption since 2004. It saved homeowners over $21 million dollars in 2022.

Hampton Elections 2023

Finally, Hampton voters will have a city council election in November. Three council members’ terms are expiring. They are Henry Byrd, Marty Meeks and Mary Ann Mitcham. Candidate qualifying is in August for the election.

Featured image shows the Hampton train depot. Clayton Carte photo.

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