Town Hall on Thursday to discuss Locust Road rezoning request

Area map showing the Locust Road rezoning request and surrounding area in Locust Grove (Henry County photo).

Residents in Locust Grove are invited to a town hall meeting this Thursday, March 3, beginning at 6 pm. The purpose of the town hall meeting is to learn more about an upcoming rezoning request along Locust Road.

District I Commissioner Johnny Wilson and Chris Knight of the DRB Group are hosting the town hall meeting. The meeting will be at the Locust Grove Community Center, 10 Cleveland Street, Locust Grove.

Locust Road rezoning request

The proposed Locust Road rezoning request consists of 215 acres. The applicant, Dan Ryan Builders, is proposing single-family homes varying in lot size. They also applied for a conditional use permit to construct a conservation subdivision.

The future land use map supports up to two net units per acre for the subject property. At maximum density, the property could support up to 349 lots. Instead, the applicant is proposing 302 lots.

Concept site plan for the Locust Road rezoning request in Locust Grove (Moore Bass Consulting photo).
Locust Road concept layout (Moore Bass Consulting photo)

The proposed subdivision includes the following:

  • 135 lots measuring at least 70’ in width with a min. area of 10,890 square feet within an age-targeted section of the subdivision,
  • 51 lots measuring at least 80’ in width with a min. area of 12,000 square feet, and
  • 116 lots measuring at least 100’ in width with a min. area of 15,000 square feet.

The applicant is requesting the R-2 with sewer zoning district through a rezoning request. In addition, the conditional use permit for a conservation subdivision, if approved, allows the applicant to build smaller lots in exchange for more open space. The applicant’s concept includes ninety-one acres of open space, or 42.2% of the site area.

The developer will share more info about the project at Thursday’s town hall meeting. They will also present to the zoning advisory board during the March 10 meeting. Zoning board meetings start at 6:30 pm at the county admin building.

Finally, the board of commissioners will hear the rezoning request at a later date to make a final decision. The zoning advisory board can make the final determination on the conditional use permit only.

Featured image shows the area of Locust Road with the proposed subdivision hatched in green. Photo credit Henry County.

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