Atlanta Regional Commission updates Concept 3 transit plan

Photo of commuter rail train (AJC photo)
Photo of commuter passenger train
MARTA and Clayton County are working to build a commuter rail line. A future extension of that line could include a station in Hampton. (AJC photo)

The Atlanta Regional Commission, which includes Henry County, has adopted an update to the official public transit vision within metro Atlanta. The plan, entitled Concept 3, was last updated in 2012.

Henry County has three proposed projects within the plan, though none are expected to come to fruition anytime soon.

Project Name Sponsor Mode Length (miles)
US-41 Bus Rapid Transit MARTA BRT 30.67
Stockbridge to Airport Express Bus SRTA Express 11.47
Griffin – East Point Commuter Rail MARTA Rail 20.44

MARTA and Clayton County are actively working to construct a commuter rail line between East Point and Jonesboro. The agency has tentatively announced that construction could start by 2023 with trains running in 2027. Extending that line further south to Griffin, passing through Hampton, would require a dedicated source of funding not yet committed by Henry and Spalding Counties.

There have been discussions over the years about establishing commuter bus service between Stockbridge and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, including the project’s inclusion within Henry County’s comprehensive transportation plan, but no funding has been dedicated to the initiative. Likewise, the US-41 bus rapid transit project between East Point and Griffin has no funding committed.

Major projects of regional significance are summarized courtesy of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The full plan is available for viewing on the Atlanta Regional Commission website.

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