Looking at traffic impacts from Lambert Farms

Map of Lambert Farms development
The Lambert Farms phase II development is outlined in orange. (ARC photo)

Lambert Farms phase II recently started vertical construction at SR 42 and King Mill Road. This article will take a look at the project’s traffic study along with phase I of the project completed earlier this year.

Lambert Farms phase I constructed 3,048,300 square feet of industrial space on 180 acres. The project was rezoned in 2009. Phase II is under construction building 4,817,200 sq ft of warehousing on 318 acres. This portion was rezoned in 2015.

Together, the two projects were estimated to add 14,455 new trips on the roadways. Both studies used the assumption that 25% of total volume would be truck traffic and the remainder car traffic.

Lambert Farms Car trips Truck trips
Phase I (2009) 4,772 1,590
Phase II (2015) 6,070 2,023
Total 10,842 3,613

King Mill / Lambert Farms phase I studied ten intersections for project impacts.

  1. I-75 Southbound at SR 155
  2. I-75 Northbound at SR 155
  3. SR 155 at King Mill Road
  4. SR 155 at SR 42
  5. SR 42 at Old King Mill Road
  6. SR 42 at King Mill Road
  7. King Mill Road at Iris Lake Road
  8. SR 42 at Bill Gardner Parkway
  9. I-75 Southbound at Bill Gardner Pkwy
  10. I-75 Northbound at Bill Gardner Pkwy

King Mill / Lambert Farms phase II studied eleven intersections. The later study added the intersection of King Mill Road and Old King Mill Road in addition to the ten listed above.

The need to widen SR 155 was stated in both studies. Widening the highway to four lanes from I-75 northbound to SR 81 is in preliminary engineering and programmed to start construction in 2022.

No funds have been allocated towards expanding the SR 155 interchange with I-75. SPLOST V is considering preliminary engineering to start this process and will continue funding efforts to build a new interstate exit at Bethlehem Road.

The intersection at SR 155 and King Mill Road needs a second left-hand turn lane on the northbound approach to accommodate traffic. The improvement will be included within the upcoming widening project.

At the time of the phase I traffic study, King Mill Road had not yet been realigned along SR 42. That project has since been completed and the traffic signal installed to improve traffic flow.

Both studies notate that Bill Gardner Parkway at highway 42 is operating below acceptable standards. The city of Locust Grove has a planned project to convert this intersection into a roundabout and improve intersection efficiency.

The traffic studies are viewable at the links below provided by the Atlanta Regional Commission:

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