Henry County Transit expands Fairview Shuttle

Map of Fairview bus route
Map of expanded Fairview Shuttle
Map of Fairview bus route
Map of expanded Fairview Shuttle

The Fairview shuttle has expanded to provide connections with MARTA bus routes and Xpress commuter service. The new route provides more stops than the original route and should be more efficient given its loop-format.

The new route provides service on State Route 138, State Route 155, and Fairview Road. Portions of Bouldercrest Road, Anvil Block Road, and I-675 outside of the county are also included to complete the loop. The shuttle operates from 6 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday on a 75-minute interval. There is presently no fare to ride the shuttle; however, a fare will be set at a later date.

View the full timetable:

Fairview Shuttle Timetable Apr 2018
Fairview Shuttle Timetable

The shuttle connects with MARTA at the Anvil Block Road Walmart. Connections can be made to MARTA Route 15 (Candler Road / South DeKalb) or Route 195 (Forest Parkway). Additional connectivity includes the Stockbridge and Brandsmart Xpress park and rides providing employment access to Atlanta. Xpress Route 431 operates to Midtown and Route 432 connects with downtown Atlanta.

Be aware that MARTA and Xpress operate on the Breeze fare system, and riders should be prepared ahead of time with a Breeze card to use either service.

For more information, including how to contact Henry County Transit with any questions, visit the Henry County press release.

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