Bills We Are Watching in the Final Days of Session 2023

Photo of the Georgia State Capitol at sunset (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

The Georgia General Assembly has two days remaining in this year’s session. Here are some bills MHF News is watching in the final days of session 2023.

The assembly meets on Monday, March 27, and Wednesday, March 29, before adjourning until next year.

Local Bills

There is a collection of local bills pending that affect Henry County. Local bills have to pass on the local calendar in both chambers by Wednesday.

A group of five bills would create homestead exemptions within the city of Hampton — Senate Bills 289, 290, 305, 306 and 309. The first two bills, 289 and 290, have passed both chambers. The remaining three have cleared the senate and are waiting in the house. City of Hampton voters can expect to see ballot questions in November for each proposed exemption.

Also in local legislation, two bills would create new Henry County authorities. House Bills 781 and 784 would create the facilities authority and airport authority, respectively. The bills passed the house on Thursday and are now in the senate.

General Bills

In addition to the local bills above, here are a few other bills of interest:

House Bill 189 would increase the maximum allowed weight for tractor-trailers. The latest substitute would permit agricultural and timber products to travel 75 miles one-way at weights up to 88,000 pounds. The revisions also exclude travel within metro Atlanta. The senate approved its substitute on Thursday; the house must now reconsider the bill.

Local governments could have less options when it comes to issuing moratoriums under house bill 514. The bill would prevent local governments from re-issuing the same moratorium over and over. Its on the senate calendar to consider on Monday.

Finally, senate bill 99 would exempt rural counties under 50,000 residents from certificate of need requirements for new hospitals. The bill has stalled in the last week, failing to make it out of house committee, and isn’t expected to pass this year. SB 99 would lessen existing regulations that limit the opening of new hospitals. One project in particular is seeking to build a new hospital off I-75 exit 205 in Jackson.

Check back after session ends for more updates.

Featured image shows the Georgia State Capitol. Clayton Carte photo.

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