Locust Grove adopts multifamily moratorium

Photo of garden-style apartments with text “multifamily moratorium” (stock photo).
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Locust Grove has joined McDonough and unincorporated Henry County in adopting a multifamily moratorium. The city approved its moratorium during the February 6 council meeting.

The moratorium applies to new applications to rezone property for multifamily apartments. It extends for 270 days to coincide with the city’s update to its comprehensive land use plan.

Locust Grove Multifamily Moratorium

The Locust Grove multifamily moratorium applies to rezoning requests for multifamily housing. This can include apartments, townhomes or condos. The moratorium also includes applications for the planned development zoning district. It takes effect immediately. The moratorium extends for 270 days — through November 3, 2023 — or until the city adopts its comp plan update, whichever occurs first.

Locust Grove has contracted the Atlanta Regional Commission for its plan update. The comprehensive plan identifies future development patterns expected within the city. It also maps out the appropriate locations for each. The city and ARC kicked off the plan update in mid-January. Public meetings to gather feedback will follow at a later date. The state requires the new plan to be complete by the end of October.

At the council workshop meeting in January, council members raised the question whether to adopt a multifamily moratorium. Council member Greer raised the concern the city could see additional development interest because of the county’s moratorium. In addition, the comprehensive plan update is an appropriate time to enact a moratorium because the update will reconsider which areas of the city are appropriate for high-density development.

Existing Projects

The moratorium does not apply to any pending rezoning request. Further, it does not apply to applications for multifamily building permits. There are a few multifamily projects happening within the city.

First, a new apartment complex will be building behind Hampton Inn off Tanger Blvd. The project, being constructed by RangeWater Real Estate, will be the first market-rate apartments within the city. The council also rezoned property off Price Drive for a future apartments development.

Finally, a rezoning request off Strong Rock Parkway is awaiting the city’s decision. The applicant is proposing a rental townhome development. The proposal has 211 units.

Featured image shows garden-style apartments. Stock photo.

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