Western Parallel Connector moving into right of way acquisition

Aerial photo of partially-built western parallel connector at Bridges at Jodeco (staff photo)
Drone photo of partially-built western parallel connector at Bridges at Jodeco (staff photo)
A segment of the future WPC is partially built at Bridges at Jodeco. (staff photo)

Plans for a new four-lane roadway adjacent Interstate 75 continue to move forward after Georgia DOT approved this summer the concept report and location & design for the western parallel connector. The idea for the roadway originated in Henry County’s 2012 LCI study and the state committed funds for the project in 2015.

The new roadway will extend from Hudson Bridge Road to Jonesboro Road for a distance of 3.3 miles. The project plans to construct four travel lanes separated by an 18-foot raised median. A five-foot sidewalk is also included.

Three new bridge structures are required for the project to cross local creeks. Each structure will be 79.42’ wide and measures between 300’ and 500’ in length. Two retaining walls will also be constructed.

Right of way acquisition costs are estimated at $6.57 million. Georgia DOT has six million in state funding budgeted for the phase and Henry County is responsible for the difference. Right of way acquisition was authorized to start in June.

Construction is budgeted to start in FY 2023 and last two years. Estimated build costs are $31.3 million.

Bicycle accommodations were removed from the project due to additional right of way requirements and expected acquisition costs. Alternates including either on-street bike lanes or an adjacent 10-foot multiuse path were estimated to cost $3.2 to $7.6 million more than the preferred concept.

The decision to remove bicycle accommodations saves Henry County approximately six million dollars that the county was otherwise committed to spend. Right of way costs were estimated at $12 million dollars if a multiuse path was included and Henry County was responsible for the difference from GDOT’s available funding.

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