Map of proposed Stockbridge annexation in 2022 (@elium2 / Dave’s Redistricting photo).

Senate Bill 612 proposes the annexation of unincorporated areas of Henry County into the city limits of Stockbridge. The proposed city limits seek to accomplish the following:

  • fill in the holes within existing city limits, and
  • provide consistent boundaries for the city.

More consistent city limits help streamline the delivery of city services, such as police service, as well as provide area residents with a vote for mayor and council. In addition, the senate bill would add council districts for each council member. Presently, the city elects council members at-large.

The city of Stockbridge has just shy of 29,000 residents following the 2020 census. The proposed annexation would increase the city’s population to about 52,000 people.

Senate Bill 612

Senate Bill 612 is sponsored by Senators Emanuel Jones and Brian Strickland. The two senators collectively represent the city of Stockbridge and Henry County as a whole. As of March 23, 2022, SB 612 has passed the state senate and is awaiting a vote in the state house. If the house approves the bill, then it will go to Governor Kemp for his consideration and signature.

If SB 612 passes the legislature, then voters within the proposed area will vote in November 2022 whether to approve the annexation. The question is all-or-nothing for the proposed area requiring at least 50% yes votes to pass.

Annexation Map

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the proposed annexation cause my property taxes to increase?

    No, based on 2021 millage rates. City of Stockbridge residents last year paid property taxes at a lower millage rate than unincorporated residents. The difference was about $40 less in annual taxes on a non-homestead property valued at $300,000.

    The city of Stockbridge does not levy a city property tax at this time. As the city transitions from county to city police services beginning in July 2022, this may change. But, city residents will also stop paying a property tax for county police services. Any city tax up to 1.824 mills would be less than the current rate.
  • Will the proposed annexation change my home or business street address?

    No, street addresses and ZIP codes are set by the US Post Office. Areas with a McDonough street address would continue to receive their mail through the McDonough post office even if annexed into Stockbridge city limits.
  • Does the proposed annexation change my child’s school zone?

    No, school attendance zones are set by Henry County Schools. The proposed annexation would have no effect on existing school zones.

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Page last updated on March 23, 2022

Clayton Carte
Clayton Carte

Clayton is the owner and writer of Moving Henry Forward Community News. He is a lifelong resident of Locust Grove and graduate of Ola High School.