Candidate qualifying for the 2022 elections occurred the week of March 7–11. Check out the list of candidates below!

Not sure in which district you reside? Check out my district maps webpage.

The below list includes local races only. The list of qualified statewide and US Congress candidates is available on the Secretary of State website.

Candidates marked with an underline are the incumbent. The letter following a candidate’s name indicates their political party. Note that judicial and school board elections are non-partisan.

The November election will be on Tuesday, November 8. Winners from each party’s primary in May advanced to the general election.

  • D – Democratic
  • R – Republican
  • N – non-partisan

Georgia General Assembly

State Senate District 10

  • General Election
    • Emanuel D. Jones (D)

State Senate District 17

  • General Election
    • Kacy D. Morgan (D)
    • Brian Strickland (R)

State Senate District 25

  • General Election
    • Valerie Rodgers (D)
    • Ricky “Rick” Williams (R)

State House District 74

  • General Election
    • William Harris (D)
    • Karen Mathiak (R)

State House District 78

  • General Election
    • Demetrius Douglas (D)

State House District 91

  • General Election
    • Angela Moore (D)

State House District 115

  • General Election
    • Regina Lewis-Ward (D)

State House District 116

  • General Election
    • El-Mahdi Holly (D)
    • Bruce Bennington (R)

State House District 117

  • General Election
    • Demetrius Rucker (D)
    • Lauren Daniel (R)

State House District 118

  • General Election
    • Sharonda Bell (D)
    • Clint Crowe (R)
Map showing Henry County Commission District Maps passed in 2022 (Georgia photo).
Henry County District Map (Georgia photo)

Henry County Board of Commissioners

County Commissioner District 3 (shaded in yellow)

  • General Election
    • Sarita Y. Dyer (D)
    • Derrell ”Dee” Anglyn III (R)

County Commissioner District 4 (green)

  • General Election
    • Vivian Thomas (D)
    • Robert Kolpak (R)

County Commissioner District 5 (light blue)

  • General Election
    • Kevin J. Lewis (D)
    • Edward Toney (R)

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