The SPLOST Committee Makes Its Project Recommendations

Map showing SPLOST VI committee-recommended transportation projects (Henry County map).
(Henry County map)

The Henry County SPLOST VI committee has made its project recommendations for the upcoming sales tax program. The project list now goes to the board of commissioners for their consideration. The BOC must adopt a final project list in July.

Voters will consider this November whether to approve Henry County SPLOST VI. The one-percent local sales tax would begin collections in April 2025.

SPLOST VI Estimated Collections

Georgia counties can ask their voters for local SPLOST programs. The SPLOST pays for capital projects and road improvements. Henry County is presently in its fifth program, SPLOST V. Voters approved it in November 2019. Its collection period will end in March 2025.

Henry County finance staff have estimated the next SPLOST program could generate $380 million during a five-year span, or $470 million over six years. Whether the program lasts five or six years is dependent on whether the county and cities approve an intergovernmental agreement. The county may ask voters for a six-year program if an IGA is in place.

In addition, Henry County staff have proposed the county receive 68% of collections. The cities would then divide the rest.

A 68% county / 32% city split would look like the following:

County$256.4 M$319.6 M
Cities$123.6 M$150.4 M
Total$380 M$470 M
All values are in millions of dollars.

The exact distribution is subject to negotiations between the county and cities. They will have a joint meeting later this month on Thursday, June 27, to discuss it. The time is to be announced.

SPLOST VI Committee Project Recommendations

The Henry County SPLOST VI committee began meeting in January. They held their final meeting on Monday, June 10. The committee was tasked to recommend projects for the county’s portion of tax collections. Each city will develop a separate project list.

The committee adopted a five-year and six-year project list. This provides the county with recommendations from the committee in either scenario. The projects fall into one of three categories: transportation projects, divided by district, county capital projects, and finally, program management.

The committee made the following recommendation:

Transportation Projects67.7%$175 M$216.4 M
County Capital Projects30.3%$78.4 M$96.8 M
Program Management2%$5 M$6.4 M
Total$256.4 M$319.6 M
All values are in millions of dollars. Values are rounded to the nearest hundred-thousand dollars.

Transportation Projects

All values are in millions of dollars. Values are rounded to the nearest ten-thousand dollars. County-share of costs shown only on joint projects with the cities.

Major Road Projects – Locust Grove & Hampton

SR 42 widening, south
SR 155 to Bill Gardner Parkway
$1.04 M$1.04 MDesign
Shared b/w Districts 1, 5 and Locust Grove
Grant-Match Funds (Grant Application Pending)
Hampton-Locust Grove
Road widening
SR 20 to SR 155
$6.93 M$6.93 MDesign & Partial ROW
Bill Gardner Pkwy widening in T-SPLOST

Major Road Projects – Ola & Union Grove

SR 81 widening,
phase II
Bethany Road to
Keys Ferry Road
$4 M$4 MDesign & Partial ROW
Shared b/w Districts 1 and 3
Phase I, Postmaster to Bethany, in T-SPLOST
Airline Road extension
Rodgers Road to
Old Jackson Road
$9.71 M$9.71 MROW & Construction
Design in SPLOST V
Snapping Shoals Road improvements
North Ola Road to River Road
$11.18 MROW & Construction
Design in SPLOST V
East Lake Road widening
SR 155 to SR 20
$5.9 M$2.5 MDesign & ROW in 5-year
Design in 6-year
Keys Ferry Road extension
SR 81 to North Ola Road
$0.5 M$3 MDesign in 5-year
Design & Construction in 6-year

Major Road Projects – Central Henry

Jodeco Road
widening, west
I-75 to Hudson Bridge Road
$2.5 M$2.5 MDesign
Shared b/w Districts 2, 4 and 5
Jonesboro Road widening, phase II
North Mt. Carmel Rd to
Clayton County line
$3.5 MDesign
Shared b/w Districts 2 and 5
Phase I, I-75 to N Mt. Carmel, in T-SPLOST
Willow Lane widening
Jonesboro Road to Bridges Road
$12.05 M$12.05 MDesign, ROW & Construction
Oak Grove Road widening
Jonesboro Road to Jodeco Road
$3.5 M$6 MDesign in 5-year
Design & ROW in 6-year
Patrick Henry Pkwy widening
Eagles Landing Pkwy to Jodeco Road
$1.77 M$1.77 MDesign
Shared b/w District 4 and Stockbridge
Jonesboro Road widening, east
I-75 to McDonough Parkway
$3.01 MDesign
Shared b/w District 4 and McDonough
McDonough Parkway widening
SR 20 to Jonesboro Road
$0.24 M$0.24 MDesign
Shared b/w District 5 and McDonough

Major Road Projects – North Henry

Fairview Road widening, phase II
Home Depot to Hearn
$18.96 M$18.96 MConstruction
Design & ROW in SPLOST V
Phase III, SR 155 to Hearn, in T-SPLOST
East Atlanta Road widening
Fairview Road to Rex Road
$2.7 MDesign

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Peeksville Road at Leguin Mill Road$1.5 M$1.5 MTurning Lanes
Shared b/w District 1 and Locust Grove
Peeksville Road at
Old Jackson Road
$5.82 M$5.82 M
Flippen Road at McCullough Road$5.82 MShared b/w Districts 2 and 5
East Atlanta Road at Rex Road$5.82 M$5.82 M
Airline Road at McGarity Road$4.4 M$4.4 MConstruction
Design & ROW in SPLOST V
Racetrack Road at Travis Drive$2.91 M$2.91 MShared b/w Districts 3, 5 and McDonough
Chambers Road at McCullough Road$5.82 M$5.82 M
McDonough Pkwy at Bridges Road$3.5 M$3.5 MShared b/w District 5 and McDonough
Henry Pkwy at Henry Pkwy Connector$2.5 M$2.5 MShared b/w District 5 and McDonough
Industrial Blvd at Henry Pkwy$2.75 M$2.75 MShared b/w District 5 and McDonough

Other Projects

Ellistown Road
dirt road paving
Peeksville Road to Moccasin Gap
$5.75 M$5.75 MROW & Construction
Design in SPLOST V
Happy Hollow Road improvements
Rocky Creek Road to end
$1 M$1 MRealignment only
Sandy Ridge Road
dirt road paving
Keys Ferry Road to Stallsworth
$5 MROW & Construction
Design in SPLOST V
Dailey Mill Road over Walnut Creek$8.34 M$8.34 MBridge improvement
District 5 Sidewalks$2 M$2 M
Camp Creek
Greenway Trail
Henry Parkway to McDonough Square
$0.15 M$0.15 MDesign
Shared b/w District 5 and McDonough
Grant-Match Funds (Grant Application Pending)

Road Resurfacing

District 1$11.25 M$14.53 M
District 2$10 M$13.03 M
District 3$11.04 M$9.04 M
District 4$8.95 M$11.71 M
District 5$16.62 M$16.11 M

Capital Projects

All values are in millions of dollars. Values are rounded to the nearest ten-thousand dollars.

New Animal Shelter$22 M$25 M
Fire Rescue Facilities
New Fire Station, Training Center / Burn Tower
$16 M$20 M
Fire Rescue Equipment$4 M$5 M
E-911 / EMA Facility$1 M$1 M
Parks Master Plan Recommendations
New Pickleball Courts,
New Playgrounds,
Sports Fields
Upgrades & Lighting,
Concession / Restroom Upgrades, etc.
$10 M$20.44 M
Senior Megaplex – Design Only$3 M$3 M
Hidden Valley Senior Center Renovations$7 M$7 M
Airport Upgrades$5 M$5 M
Locust Grove Tag Office$6.4 M$6.4 M
Technology Upgrades
Wifi in Parks, Cyber Security
$2 M$2 M
Fleet Replacement$2 M$2 M

Next Steps

The Henry County commissioners will now consider the project list. They may change or modify the list. The board must adopt a final project list by the end of July. Each city must also adopt their project lists. Voters will then consider the SPLOST program at the November ballot box.

For the latest updates on current SPLOST projects, visit our SPLOST archives.

Featured image shows the Henry County SPLOST VI committee project recommendations for transportation. Henry County photo.

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