Plan for US 19 / 41 Has Retail, Fast Food & Office Space

Map shows the current zoning for properties within the vicinity of US 19 / 41 and Minter Drive in Hampton, as of June 2024. A large portion of land west of US 19 / 41 is located within Hampton city limits. (Henry County photo)
The land owner across from Minter Drive, on the east side of US 19 / 41, has applied to rezone the property from C-1 to C-3. Areas shown in light-green are located in the city of Hampton.

Forty acres along US Highway 19 / 41 is proposing to develop retail, fast food & office space. The land is located south of Hampton. It is on the Henry / Spalding County line.

The property in question has had C-1 commercial zoning since 1989. The land owner has applied to obtain C-3 commercial zoning.


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