New Grocery Store Looking at Highway 155 in Locust Grove

Photo shows aerial photo of state route 155 and Bill Gardner Parkway (Georgia Drone Pros photo with added road names).
(Georgia Drone Pros photo with added road names)

A new grocery store is looking to build on highway 155 in Locust Grove. It would be at the intersection with Bill Gardner Parkway.

The grocery store brand is not named in county documents. The store size and layout are similar to Kroger Marketplace.

New Grocery Store on Highway 155

Locust Grove Development, LLC of Macon, GA has applied to rezone 11.68 acres. The land is located along Bill Gardner Parkway east of highway 155. They are requesting to change the zoning from RA to C-2 (general commercial). If the county approves their request, then the land owner intends to combine the acreage with 15.9 acres to develop a grocery store, shops and outparcels. The 15.9 acres has commercial zoning already.

Photo shows the concept site plan for a new grocery store and commercial outparcels at state route 155 and Bill Gardner Parkway (Robertson Loia Roof Architects & Engineers photo).
(Robertson Loia Roof Architects & Engineers photo)

According to the applicant’s site plan, the project would construct a 118,337 square foot grocery store. The site plan depicts a front canopy area, and pharmacy drive-thru window beside the building. There’s also a pick-up area on the side of the building. Such characteristics are similar to Kroger Marketplace.

Kroger opened their first Marketplace store within Henry County this spring. They operate existing stores in McDonough and Stockbridge. If confirmed, this would be their first Locust Grove store.

In addition, the site plan depicts 12,512 square feet for shops. Finally, there are nine outparcels and a fuel center. Vehicle access points would be located along both highway 155 and Bill Gardner Parkway.

The applicant submitted building elevations of various businesses within their application. The elevations include Buffalo Wild Wings, Wendy’s, Whataburger, Discount Tire, Tractor Supply, and Piedmont Urgent Care. There is no confirmation which, if any, of these business are considering the site.

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Staff Review & Zoning Board

Henry County planning & zoning staff are recommending approval of the rezoning request with conditions. Among the recommended conditions is a prohibition on various uses. The following uses would be prohibited:

  • Pawnshop or loan brokers, other than mortgage loan brokers,
  • Tattoo parlors or body piercing shops,
  • Vape and / or e-cigarette shops,
  • Laundromats,
  • Nail Salons,
  • Automobile Wash, and
  • Vehicle and equipment rentals.

The above prohibited uses would apply to the 11 acres subject to rezoning. The overall development has a new car wash. It will be beside the Woodland Animal Hospital on highway 155.

In addition, Henry County staff are recommending the property meet the streetscape requirements of the highway corridor overlay district. The overlay district requires higher development standards for building materials, landscaping & street trees, and sidewalks. The larger 16-acre tract is already within the overlay district because of its location on highway 155.

Update: The Henry County Zoning Advisory Board considered the request on Thursday, June 13, at 6:30 pm. They recommended its approval.

District 1 board member Don Veum added a condition to clarify the property should meet all standards of the overlay district. He remarked the property should be included within the overlay because it was the only tract left-out at the Luella commercial node. In addition, the county plans to widen Bill Gardner Parkway to four lanes.

Finally, the zoning board added a condition to limit the height of buildings to thirty-five feet. This is because of the adjacent Mallards Landing runway to the east.

The board of commissioners must consider the rezoning request at a later date to make a final decision.

Featured image shows an aerial photo of highway 155 and Bill Gardner Parkway. Georgia Drone Pros photo with added road names.

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