The Final County Budget Hearing is on Thursday Evening

Photo of the Henry County Administration Building in McDonough on a sunny day with cloud coverage (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

Henry County will consider adopting its FY 2025 budget this upcoming Thursday, May 30. Attendees there will be able to speak during the public hearing.

The board meeting will start at 5:30 pm. It is located at 140 Henry Parkway in McDonough. The county’s adopted budget determines how much property tax revenue it needs to collect later in the year.

Henry County FY 2025 Budget Hearing

Henry County is considering a FY 2025 budget with $259.7 million in expenses. This is up from the 2024 budget which had expenses of $239 million. However, the county’s estimated revenues are $252.7 million.

To close this shortfall, the county is considering a property tax increase. Staff presented four options during the first budget hearing on May 7. They are recommending a three-mill tax increase. This would generate the county an additional $23.8 million in revenue.

Presentation slide providing an overview of the county’s options concerning property taxes in 2025 (Henry County presentation).
(Henry County presentation)

The 3-mill increase would pay for maintaining county services to keep up with current population growth. There would be a surplus of $17 million dollars for capital projects and operational needs. The county is looking at several major projects during the next five years, such as building a new courthouse, fire training center, E-911 center and jail pod.

The other options include raising the fire & police millage rates by 1.925 mills, or raising the fire millage rate by 2.5 mills. The intermediate options support investment into public safety, but omit new personnel and capital funding for other departments.

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Millage Rate

Henry County does not approve the millage rate, the percentage at which they levy property taxes, until July; however, the adopted budget determines how much revenue they will need to collect. The county’s final budget proposal is not yet available on the county website.

The board must hold two public hearings before they can consider passing the budget. The first hearing took place earlier this month. The second hearing will be on Thursday, May 30, at 5:30 pm. Anyone may attend and speak during the meeting. The board will consider approving the county budget immediately afterwards.

Board meetings take place at the county admin building. It is located at 140 Henry Parkway in McDonough.

Featured image shows the county admin building. Clayton Carte photo.

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