Henry County Leaders Win Re-Election in Tuesday Vote

Graphic for Henry County Election Results

Local incumbents carried the night during Tuesday’s 2024 Primary Election. Here is a look at the Henry County primary election results for May 2024.

About 28,000 Henry Countians cast a ballot during the primary election. The county has 194.5 thousand registered voters. This would be equal to about 14.4% voter turnout.

Henry County 2024 Primary Election Results

Countywide Offices

In the most-contested local election, Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett won 71% of the vote, or 13,421 votes out of 18,880, to be the Democratic Party nominee. He will be on the November ballot against Republican Jack Redlinger. Scandrett is seeking his second term as Sheriff.

Other Democratic Party candidates for Sheriff, Cornell ”CJ” Madison, Jr., and Willie Brown, received 15.5% and 13.5% of the vote, respectively. Redlinger was unopposed in the Republican Primary. He received 8,367 votes.

Continuing onto Henry County Commission Chair, Carlotta Harrell will make county history as the first two-term chair. She won re-election to a second term with 63% of the vote, or 12,096 votes out of 19,125. Her opponents, Vivian Thomas and Marion Calhoun, had 26% and 11% of the vote, respectively. There is no Republican candidate for county chair.

Two other countywide offices had contested Democratic Party primaries. Incumbent Tax Commissioner Michael Harris and Incumbent County Coroner Donald Cleveland will both retain their positions. Harris received 68% of the vote compared to Toneen Brown 32%. Cleveland had 66% of the vote against Tony Brown 34%. Neither office has a Republican candidate.

Several other countywide offices had no opposition. The incumbents will continue into another term. Those positions include District Attorney Darius Pattillo, Clerk of Superior Court Sabriya Hill and State Court Solicitor Pam Bettis. Local judges with no opposition had the following:

  • Danielle Roberts, Superior Court
  • Holly Veal, Superior Court
  • Ralph Bailey, State Court
  • Stephen Knights, Jr., State Court
  • Kelley Powell, Probate Court

County positions serve a four-year term.

School Board

Voters in several districts considered their school board member and district commissioner. Because school board members are non-partisan, this was their general election. The winners will be on the school board for 2025–2028.

Current school board members Pam Nutt, district 1, and Makenzie McDaniel, district 5, won re-election. Nutt will be entering her 8th term, meanwhile McDaniel enters his 2nd term. Each board member received 55% of the vote. Election results were as follows:

School Board District 1

  • Pam Nutt (I) – 55.4%
  • Earlene Crump – 18.2%
  • John Dewberry – 16.7%
  • Cassandra Norsworthy – 9.7%

School Board District 5

  • Makenzie McDaniel (I) – 55.5%
  • Gewel Richardson – 25.9%
  • Sherri Mimbs – 18.6%

In district 3, Jennifer Carter won 76% of the vote to join the board of education. Her opponent, Larry Bryant, had 24%. The current district 3 member, Holly Cobb, chose not to seek re-election.

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District Commissioner

Finally, two districts considered their district commissioner. For district 2, they elected Neat Robinson to serve a four-year term. Robinson first joined the board of commissioners in 2023. She received 78% of the vote in this month’s Democratic Party primary. Her challenger, Daniel Edwards, had 22%. There is no Republican candidate for district 2.

Last but not least, voters in district 1 will decide their district commissioner in November. Democratic candidate Demetrius Rucker and Republican incumbent Johnny Wilson were both unopposed in the primary. District 1 represents southern Henry County.

All Henry County election results are unofficial until certified by the board of elections. They are available in their entirety on the state website.

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