What Are The Party Questions on Your Ballot? Primary 2024

3D icons of Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey (Donkey Hotey photo / Flickr)
Donkey Hotey photo / Flickr

Voters heading to the polls for the 2024 primary election will see party questions on their ballot. They may wonder what the questions are, and why they are there.

Each political party has the opportunity to survey their voters during the primary election. The questions give voters a glimpse at policy interests from both state-level political parties. The survey outcome has no binding effect on state policy.

By contrast, ballot questions in November are generally constitutional amendments. Those questions change the state’s constitution if voters approve them.

Interested to see which questions the parties asked in the past? Here are previous questions: 2022 | 2020.

Party Questions Primary 2024

Democratic Party

  1. Should the United States and the State of Georgia protect Georgians from gun violence by banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, closing background check loopholes, and passing other common-sense gun safety reforms?
  2. Should the State of Georgia incentivize clean energy production as part of a climate policy that recognizes the urgent threat that climate change poses to Georgians’ health, lives and future?
  3. Should the State of Georgia expand voter access by allowing same-day voter registration, removing obstacles to voting by mail, and making secure ballot drop boxes accessible at all times through Election Day?
  4. Should the State of Georgia protect reproductive freedom by repealing the current six-week abortion ban, restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade and ensuring access to contraceptives, IVF, abortion and other reproductive health care?
  5. Should the State of Georgia stop using taxpayer dollars intended for public education to pay for private school vouchers?
  6. Should the State of Georgia raise the minimum wage to a living wage?
  7. Should the portion of the Georgia state constitution allowing for involuntary servitude of prisoners and others convicted of offenses be repealed, thus prohibiting all forms of slavery and involuntary servitude statewide?
  8. Should the State of Georgia improve access to safe, affordable housing by increasing the affordable housing supply, protecting tenants’ rights to habitable living conditions, and cracking down on negligence or abuse by property management companies or landlords?

Each voter will be asked to answer yes or no. They may also leave the question blank.

Republican Party

  1. For future elections, do you want hand marked paper ballots, scanned and verified by hand count on live stream video?
  2. Should the legislature enact the FairTax replacing the state income tax and state sales tax with a consumption tax equal to current state funding and taxing no legal citizen or family up to the poverty level of spending?
  3. Should the legislature ban registered lobbyists from serving on the State Elections Board?
  4. Should the Georgia Republican Primary have a closed primary, meaning that only registered Republicans would be allowed to vote in the Republican Primary?
  5. Should public officials who allow illegal migration to occur be held responsible for crimes committed by illegal aliens?
  6. Would you support a statewide vote to allow gaming in Georgia so the voters can decide this issue instead of politicians in Atlanta?
  7. Currently, hundreds of thousands of hours and dollars are spent every year cleaning up voter rolls. Would you support an amendment to the National Voting Rights Act that would require registered voters to renew their registration every four years?
  8. Do you believe unelected and unaccountable international bureaucrats, like the UN controlled World Health Organization (WHO), should have complete control over management of future pandemics in the United States and authority to regulate your healthcare and personal health choices?

Each voter will be asked to answer yes or no. They may also leave the question blank.

Primary Election

On the May 21 ballot are members of the Georgia General Assembly and county offices. Visit our qualified candidates list to see who all is running.

Check your voter registration, look-up your polling place and preview a sample ballot on the Secretary of State website.

Featured image shows the political party’s elephant and donkey. Donkey Hotey / Creative Commons photo.

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