Who is Running for Office? Henry County City Elections 2023

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Qualifying for the 2023 Henry County city elections occurred in August. In addition, candidates qualified for the special election in county commission district 2.

On the ballot this year will be city council positions in each city. The mayor of Locust Grove is also up for election. Other cities’ mayors will next be on the ballot in 2025.

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Henry County City Elections 2023


Beginning with Henry County’s largest city, three council seats are on the ballot in Stockbridge. This year, for the first time, council elections will be decided by districts. Districts 3, 4 and 5 are on the ballot.

Candidates who qualified are those listed below. An (I) following a candidate’s name denotes the incumbent.

District 3

  • John Blount (I)
  • Kyle D. Berry, Sr.

District 4

  • Yolanda Barber (I)
  • Keith Evans

Dist. 5

  • Elton Alexander (I)
  • Stephen P. Baffic
  • Antonio Harris

Residents can visit the Stockbridge city website here for a district map.


Secondly, the county seat has district-based seats as well. In McDonough, council districts 3 and 4 are on the ballot. These areas are generally east McDonough and the I-75 corridor, respectively. There will also be one at-large seat on the ballot. This position is voted on by the entire city.

Candidates for McDonough Council include the following:

Council At-Large

  • Isaac Darryl Peyton
  • Benjamin W. Pruett (I)

District 3

  • Carlos M. Mora, Jr.
  • Alan Scott Reeves (I)

District 4

  • Quantavia C. Dunigan
  • Kamali Varner (I)

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Thirdly, the Hampton council uses at-large representation. This means voters can select up to three candidates on their ballot. The top three vote-getters will win the election.

Candidates in Hampton include:

  • Pam Duchesne
  • Victoria Hill
  • Marty Meeks (I)
  • Errol Mitchell
  • Charlie Varner
  • Kesha White-Williams

Of note, incumbents Henry Byrd and Mary Ann Mitcham have opted not to seek another term. This means the council will have at least two new faces come January.

Locust Grove

In Henry County’s most southern city, three council seats and the mayor are on the ballot. The council seats are presently held by Rudy Breedlove, Carlos Greer and Rod Shearouse. The mayor is Robert Price.

Only the incumbents have qualified to run for office. Because the number of candidates meets the available number of positions, state law allows the city to certify the results and save the expense of holding an election. This marks the second consecutive election no challengers have qualified in Locust Grove.

For all other cities, Election Day is November 7, 2023. Early voting will begin in mid-October. The winners of each election will serve a four-year term, or until December 2027.

District 2 Special Election

Finally, there will be a special election for county commissioner district 2. The special election is brought forth following the resignation of Commissioner Dee Clemmons. Commissioner Neat Robinson has been serving as interim commissioner since June.

Commission district 2 represents portions of the Dutchtown, Fairview and Stockbridge communities. Candidates are as follows:

  • Daniel L. Edwards Jr.
  • Bruce B. Holmes
  • Neat Robinson (I)

The winner of the special election will finish the remainder of the term, or until December 2024. The position will be back on the ballot next year for a four-year term.

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