McDonough Hires Architect to Look at Town Square Landscape

Photo of Henry County Courthouse in spring (Clayton Carte photo).
(Clayton Carte photo)

A new plan is on the horizon to look at landscaping on the McDonough town square. The new landscape plan will consider plantings and other items for the square.

The city intends to hire Carmen Johnston to develop a new landscape plan. Johnston, a middle Georgia native, is known for work in Southern Living Garden and on HGTV.

McDonough Square Landscape Plan

McDonough councilman Scott Reeves brought forth the proposal for a new square landscape plan. The Main Street McDonough board, on which Reeves serves, had suggested the city look at updating the square. A couple of large trees died and had to be removed in recent years. This has left open space where previously there was none.

In addition, the middle of the square has been vacant since July 2020. Henry County removed the Confederate statue at that time. There have been no discussions to this point what could fill the space. Possible ideas may be a gazebo or fountain.

The new plan will take an estimated 8-10 weeks to complete. Before starting the plan, the city is looking to collaborate with Henry County. The county owns the park space in the center of the square. The city of McDonough maintains it.

Completing the concept plan will cost $10,000. The city is seeking $5,000 from the county to contribute. McDonough would cover the other half. When complete, it will recommend various plantings and an overall plan for the square park space.

Featured image shows the Henry County Courthouse and trees. Clayton Carte photo.

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