The Hampton, Locust Grove Councils Approved Pay Raises for 2024

Photo collage of city buildings in Henry County: McDonough city hall, Locust Grove city hall, Stockbridge city hall and Hampton train depot (special photo)

The Hampton and Locust Grove councils approved pay raises for themselves to begin next year. Both councils previously received a pay raise over twenty years ago.

State law requires that elected officials’ pay increases cannot take effect until the next term begins. This will be in January 2024 for the cities.

Hampton Council Pay

The Hampton council last received a pay increase in January 2003. Since then, the Hampton council pay has been $8,400 annually per council member and $10,800 for the mayor. The council adopted a pay raise at its April meeting, effective next year.

Beginning in January 2024, the council salary will be $9,900 annually. The mayor will receive $13,200 per year. Finally, the council added a new pay for mayor pro temp. This will be $10,900 annually.

The increase amounts to an additional $1,500 per year for council members. The mayor will receive an extra $2,400. The pay raise passed by a vote of 4-1; councilman Byrd was opposed.

Locust Grove Council Pay

Similarly, the Locust Grove council adopted a pay increase. They last received an increase 23 years ago, according to the council. Likewise, their increase will take effect in January 2024.

Presently, the council receives $8,400 per year and the mayor $10,800. Beginning next year, this will increase to $12,000 per council member and $18,000 for the mayor. This amounts to $1,000 monthly for council and $1,500 each month for the mayor.

The council approved the pay raise at its May 1 meeting. It passed 4-1-1. Councilman Shearouse felt he did not deserve a pay raise based on longevity on the council, and voted in opposition. Councilman Greer recused himself.

City Manager Tim Young remarked the pay amount will be closer to other similar-sized cities. Hampton is one example of a comparable city.

Stockbridge & McDonough

The Stockbridge council approved a pay raise at the end of last year. Salaries for the Stockbridge council will be increasing from $12,000 to $20,000 per council member. The mayor will increase from $14,400 to $22,400. Their effective date is also January 2024.

The topic of a pay raise arose at a January meeting of the McDonough city council. Practically the entire council expressed no interest in voting themselves a pay raise. The topic ended.

Featured image shows images of the four cities. Clayton Carte / city photos.

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