Construction Resumes on New Union Grove Kroger

Satellite image showing the SR 155 at East Lake Pkwy intersection, Kroger and Union Grove schools (Google photo).
(Google photo)

Construction activity is resuming at the new Union Grove Kroger. The new store was previously paused indefinitely around 2017–2018.

The new location will be on the southeast corner of state route 155 and East Lake Road. The store expects to open in summer 2024.

Union Grove Kroger

The present-day Kroger was built in 2001. The company began plans to replace it with a larger Kroger Marketplace in 2016. The county approved a commercial rezoning request for the project during this time.

But, Kroger began to re-evaluate all new stores in 2017. Several projects, both around Atlanta and nationwide, were placed on hold or cancelled. This also meant an indefinite pause in McDonough. The company re-evaluated all new stores during a period of declining sales. Instead, they shifted to more investment in online orders. Kroger Pickup, and its fleet of blue delivery vans, is what you see today as a result.

Though there’s been a common rumor to suggest it, the store did not stop construction because of alcohol sales so close to the schools. Georgia state law exempts grocery stores from the distance requirements to sell alcohol in proximity of a school campus. The construction pause was part of the broader nationwide stoppage.

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Construction Resumes

Residents began noticing activity in late April on the Kroger property, and many were quick to reach out to MHF News for any updates. Yes, Kroger is resuming construction on the new store.

They are also planning to restart construction on another new store in Lawrenceville. That store went through a similar timeline as McDonough: announced, work began, then paused, and now resuming. Tomorrow’s News Today reported the Lawrenceville store will measure more than 118,000 square feet, set to feature a drive-thru pharmacy and a dedicated “online pickup” area on the side of the store. A new store under construction in Augusta will be similar. McDonough will likely follow this pattern.

Since construction halted in 2018, all of the outparcels have filled out. This included new Burger King and Chick-fil-A locations. Most recently, the new car wash opened in April. All that remains now is the Kroger.

Featured image shows a satellite image of the Union Grove area. Google photo. Updated on May 11, 2023 with the estimated opening.

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